4 Ways to Speed Up Your Recruitment Process

Recruiters need to adopt a lot of creativity in their process as the recruitment market is moving towards a candidate driven era. Recruiters need to be stay updated with the latest recruitment trends in order to find the best fit for their organization.

Here are a few of the rising trends of the recruitment industry:

Blind hiring:

Blind hiring is aimed at improving workplace diversity and eliminating bias from the recruitment process. Blind hiring is nothing but hiding candidate’s personal information like age, name, gender, or other identifying facts from the hiring managers so that they can make initial decisions based on education, experience, skills, and other quality factors of candidates’ resume.


  • It improves workforce diversity.
  • It eliminates unconscious bias related to Gender, Age, Ethnicity, and Race.
  • It makes discrimination easier to spot.


Data-driven hiring:

Data-driven recruitment includes techniques and technologies that help in analyzing a large talent pool to identify candidates with the right attitude and proper skills. It helps in finding candidates who can act a strong player in achieving the organization’s goals.


Data-driven recruiting allows recruiters to:

  • It encourages recruiters to ask the right questions to candidates
  • Predictive analytics
  • Real-time job matching
  • Improved workflows


Artificial Intelligence:

Human resources contribute a lot to an organization’s growth. The core function of HR includes recruitment, onboarding, compensation and benefits, payroll, and much more. Many of these tasks such as bulk resume screening, managing data of every recruitment stage, scheduling interviews, etc. are time-consuming. Hence, automation becomes the need of the hour to reduce the workload of HR professionals and speed up the recruitment process. 

As an example, HR professionals receive numerous resumes every day, so resume parser can make it easy to screen thousands of resumes in a few minutes only.

It is challenging to manage all the data of hundreds of candidates at every stage of recruitment so; an Applicant Tracking System can make it easier.


Video interviews:

Video interviews are becoming a popular tool in talent acquisition because of its ability to save money and time involved in traditional in-person interviews such as automated candidate screening, geographic constraints.

It can be used at many stages of the recruitment process. As an example, At an early stage of the interview, HR professionals might set a series of initial questions to candidates which can be recorded. This screening can be considered to proceed candidates to the next stage of an interview.


Technology can make HR professionals more productive in various ways. By implementing these HR tech trends, HR professionals’ can make their life more easier and speed up their recruitment process.


What do you think of these HR Tech trends? Let us know how many of them applicable to your organization?

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