The Recruitment field while an interesting one does in fact depend on Sourcers to meet the requirements.  A Recruiter’s task is never ending because as the company grows there are more vacancies emerging hence a Sourcer’s task is a continuous one. A Sourcer acts as a support for Recruiters to fall back on when all their efforts turn futile.

The emergence of Social Technology has had a lasting effect on the recruiting industry as a whole. The current trend in recruiting is Social Recruiting. So if you’re a Sourcer then it is essential for you to be updated about the current trends in the recruiting ecosystem.

Sourcing for candidates is a cumbersome task that requires a diverse approach. For Recruiters this poses a challenge as they need to cast a wide net to catch those hard to find candidates, while others need a targeted networking approach if they need to get anywhere in their search for desirable candidates with the right calibre. This calls for technology that can speed up the entire process and assist them in landing that perfect candidate for the job. Therefore here are, “5 Elements of a Sourcing Strategy” that you should be aware of.

Broadcasting Strategy

This is usually done to spread the word out either about the vacancies that your organisation has or as a branding strategy. It is used to create, manage email & SMS campaigns for social networking sites.

Search Strategy

Almost all companies in today’s day and age rely on Search Engines or Application Tracking Systems (ATS), Boolean Search Strings and the X-ray Technique to scout candidates for specific fields. The Search technology is getting sophisticated with new developments in software that automatically picks up matching profiles within the database for job postings. Some even use complex algorithms to track top talent outside the ATS and rank candidates based on experience and competency.  

Attracting Crowd

While most recruiters are looking to improve their candidate sourcing others are seeking ways to leverage the candidates  search habits and the keywords used to generate accurate results with the help of ATS as well.

Employee Referrals

This is a popular tactic that modern recruiters are using in order to capture talented candidates. This method has promising results as Recruiter’s generally get suitable candidates faster which in turn speed up the entire process altogether.

Get Candidates Engaged

There are tools that assist Recruiters and Sourcers alike to get important updates about potential candidates. For instance, if a candidate has updated their profile status or has recently landed a job, Recruiters are notified about these developments provided they have the tools required.

I guess it’s pretty clear as to how companies can boost and improve their hires. One way is by implementing these strategies that some companies miss out on as they aren’t aware of the trends that are followed. Therefore don’t let your company lose out on talented candidates on a simple matter of being up to date with the current developments of the industry. I leave you with a simple quote, “Time spent on hiring is time well spent.” – Robert Half

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