5 Remote Working Benefits for Employers

Remote working is becoming a trend after COVID-19. Since March, there has been a massive shift to remote working. And no employee is complaining. But on the other hand, companies are reluctant that their business model is not adapted to remote working. Plus another concern is that monitoring every employee will be a task. 

But in reality, it’s easier to organise a remote workplace. There are applications such as Slack & Basecamp that help to keep the remote employees organised and well-connected even if they are not all in the same place. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of remote working for employers. 

Here are the benefits of remote work for employers

  • Increase in Productivity 

Many employers are concerned about the lack of productivity during remote work. But that is not the case, employees are smart and they set up a place at home where they are void of any distractions. The employees who are comfortable can work more in the given time. Employees from the tech industry need to focus for long periods and when working from home, they have fewer distractions. According to a survey of remote workers, 23% of them said to work for longer hours to get the work done. 

Source: Work from home activities - Salesforce Research

So, in the end, it’s a win-win situation for employers. Let’s take a look at a few more statistics: 


  1. Flexjob survey shows that 65% of employees are more productive in their home than at the workplace
  2. 85% of businesses confirm that productivity has increased in their company because of greater flexibility.

  • No Commuting = No Absenteeism 

Absenteeism is considered a big problem for employers and sometimes it’s unavoidable in the case of illness. But absenteeism due to communing is not a case during remote working. If you do a survey, you’ll find out that employees hate commuting because of the delay it causes them. 

During remote working, employers find out that employees start their day a bit early due to lack of commuting. They are happy to stay late to finish off some tasks because they don’t have to travel.    


  • Lower Various Costs

Remote work helps employers to save money, there will be no cost for office space. When everyone is working remotely, then the company has to spend nothing on office space. As an employer, you will save money on furniture, on wif-fi, etc. This means that the savings on office space can be quite high. Plus there would be no utility costs either. 

Remote workers won’t mind a slight deduction of salary during COVID-19, as they have more pros than cons. First, there is no daily commuting for employees saving time and money. For example, AT&T saved around $30 million a year in real estate only. 


  • Access to a Larger Talent Pool

When your business is operating remotely and you are looking to hire new employees into your organisation, this might be a perfect scenario. You might ask why? During the COVID-19 situation, when most of the employees are working from their home, the talent pool for a hiring manager is expanded. The companies are not limited to hiring candidates based on a specific region. They can hire around the country or globally to find the best candidate for the job and have him in your organisation. 

Remote work also allows talent attraction, and the majority of employees love to continue to work remotely even after the pandemic is over. The reason is that even before the pandemic flexible work location was the major factor for top talent when considering job opportunities. 

Employers are working towards being flexible when the majority of the employees do agree that these benefits increased their satisfaction level.

Source: Zenefits

  • Improved Employee Retention 

Last but not least, remote work in your company has another advantage i.e. improvement in employee retention rates. Attracting talent doesn’t mean anything if you can’t keep them. Retention is considered to be a problem and employees easily do the job-hopping. But this is not the case when your employees are working remotely. By working remotely they have no such reason to switch jobs unless they feel that there will be zero growth in future. An employer can easily identify the best performing employees as everything is via digital. Reasons why remote working helps in employee retention: 

  1. You won’t lose employees even if they change their remote work location.
  2. Employees can carry on with their work during pregnancy and motherhood.
  3. Fewer distractions mean improved productivity for employees. 

  • Wrap Up

You should definitely allow your employees to work remotely during and after COVID-19. If you want to lower your recruitment costs, time to hire, the turnover rate and save money? Allow your employees to work remotely. And remote working is a trend that a lot of companies are going to adopt in the next few years and many of them have adopted it. If you think that the benefits of remote working will benefit your organisation, then go for it. It could be the best way forward for your company. 


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