Being a new manager can be both thrilling and daunting with the pressure to perform well and lead a successful team. This position is not for everyone but there are certain things that new managers can avoid to ensure they get to succeed in the position they earned. In order to make sure their team works efficiently and is productive, there are five important things that new managers should avoid.

1. Don’t Change Processes Immediately

New managers will be scrutinized by both their team and by upper management, so it is important they get off on the right foot. A new manager should avoid changing processes that have already been established right off the bat, simply to assert their newfound authority. It is understandable that the manager will want to ensure everyone knows they are in charge now, but changing processes that work well already just to punctuate a power status is not the way to go. Doing this can disrupt the productivity and flow of the team and inevitably make the new manager seem incapable instead of powerful. Instead, new managers should focus on gaining the trust of their team members and observing the processes already in place before they attempt to change them.

2. Avoid Micromanaging

New managers should avoid trying to micromanage their team. The new manager will want to work towards gaining the trust of their team and in return, should trust the team to do their jobs. No one likes to be micromanaged and everyone has experienced it at one point or another. It is best simply to stay away from this in order to start out with a positive team atmosphere.

3. Balance Between Friendships and Professionalism

Avoid trying to be too friendly with the team. A manager is there to coach and mentors their team to ensure they are performing well and putting out their best work possible. Sometimes managers will have to give tough feedback to help their team achieve the desired results. This will be very difficult if they are trying to be the team’s best friend all the time. Unfortunately, it can’t go both ways so managers should attempt to create a rapport with their team members, but one between a boss and an employee instead of an exorbitantly friendly one.

4. Be Yourself, Stay Grounded

New managers should avoid when they get started is to not change their personality just because they are now in a higher position. Being too prideful and even a little egotistical will not earn the new manager any points with their team. A successful new manager will avoid the ‘power trip’ of gaining authority over their own team and instead focus on leading their team and understanding that they themselves still have some growing to do within their new position.

5. Don’t be too Prideful

Last but not least, new managers should avoid is not asking for help when they need it. Letting pride get in the way of asking for help when struggling is pointless. New managers should understand that their higher-ups will respect them more for asking how to handle a tough situation than they will if the new manager were to simply handle it wrong to save their ego. Just like any new job, becoming a manager can be a challenging transition and asking for help when it is needed will help a new manager to grow, learn, and become better while still showing they have earned the position and can get the job done.

By making sure to avoid these five things, new managers can be sure they leave a positive and lasting impression as they grow into their new position, and hopefully can someday be sitting in a directors chair.

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