5 Ways Effective Internal Communication Can Boost Employee Productivity

Good business communication is the foundation stone for every successful business, since

organizations are built on people and communication. To manage and lead your projects to

success, effective communication is a key point.

Irrespective of your industry and whether your business is small or large, it needs not just good but effective communication. If we take a look at the statistics, effective communication can increase productivity by at least some 25 %. 

What is internal communication? 

Internal communication is related to sharing information, both internally and externally within a company or organization. When talking about business communication exchange, it can be stated that it includes: face-to-face interactions, digital channels in forms of emails and instant messages, written communication like memos and also business communication apps. When we talk about internal communication, we have to say that for your company to have a good  internal communication strategy  is a vital part of the success of your business. If things are not properly communicated, it can lead to chaos and confusion. 

Impact of technology

The main factors impacting internal communication today are technological change and hybrid workforce. Over the last few years the amount of technology affecting workplaces around the world is truly staggering. Organizations are expanding into new technologies that include: cloud technology, artificial intelligence, automation, and big data analytics. 

With the usage of the new tools, businesses will be more efficient, expand their markets, and compete in a world increasingly populated by digital natives.

The managers are the ones who want their teams to perform well and improve their communication, but they sometimes wonder how to get there. Here are some of the tips that can boost employee productivity in the workplace.

1. Internal Communication Increases Employee Engagement

Improved internal communication is directly linked to a better working environment and higher employee engagement, since companies with highly engaged workforce are much more profitable. When the communication is good throughout all of the layers of the company, then the connection that your employees have with your company, its values and various projects is strengthened.  

When your employees fully understand the things they are doing, they feel more invested in the success of a business and they will likely stay at a company. 

2. Good internal communication saves time 

If everyone has access to all the information that is needed, whenever it is needed, it means that your team’s internal communication patterns have been optimized. The employees do not lose their time hunting for necessary resources and employees are definitely more productive when they get the right information at the right time. 

If your organization has engaged employees, you will notice that they are more loyal, focused, enthusiastic, and committed to the success of the organization and as well as their well-being.

Employees engagement and satisfaction can easily be checked and key issues could be addressed by using engagement surveys. These surveys get the managers a better insight into the things that need to be dealt with. 

3. Internal communication builds stronger teams 

If the information is not properly transmitted among all the different levels within an organization, teams will not be able to build strong connections. When a team has good internal communication, it means it fully understands the company culture, organization's goals and objectives and helps forming a symbiotic work relationship with each team.

What’s more, when employees are encouraged to share their best practices and key learning with their teammates, they can easily identify and fill knowledge gaps, nurture a learning culture, and increase team productivity.

4. Improved internal communication reduces conflicts

Conflicts are bound to happen in a workplace. Clash of ideas, different misunderstandings or a sense of lack of recognition are some of the reasons for conflicts to happen. There is nothing that good communication cannot solve. But in order for this to happen, the company needs to promote the culture or respect, listening, diversity and addressing and working on the issues immediately. 

Good internal communication is, thus, the key in allowing everyone to give their views and openly share their issues in order to prevent or solve conflicts. 

5. How can a good internal communication motivate employees

If there are effective internal communication channels where employees could appreciate and recognize each other on completion of any tasks or milestones, then this tool can create a healthy culture of celebration and appreciation in your organization. 

Active internal communication enhances transparency and trust among the employees and their management.

After reading all of the above ideas and ways to enhance employees productivity, everyone is most likely to get a clear idea of how valuable internal communication is for every business. Whether a business owner or a team member, you have to put effort into making internal communication successful for your organization.

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