5 ways in which technology can streamline your hiring process

Time is a crucial component of every hiring process. It can either be a boon or a bane, depending on how you design your hiring process. In the current economic crisis, people are losing jobs or taking major pay cuts. Everyone wants what's best for them in their professional life. So as a recruiter how will you get what's best for your organization? Isn’t technology the solution to everything?  

Here are 5 ways by which technology can help you streamline your hiring process:  

1. Advertise right: When an employee leaves your company, there’s usually a rush to fill their boots with the best talent, and that poses a major challenge. To get applications from the best candidates, the first, and most important, step is you advertise about the job openings on the correct platforms. By giving a clear picture of the jobs and what your company is all about, you can invite the best applications. Also, by looking for passive candidates, the search for a good employee becomes better. Passive candidates are the ones who are suitable for the role you have to offer but are not looking for a job. Advertising plays an important role in attracting such candidates.  

2.Invest in an applicant tracking system: It would be the best solution to manage the flood of applications for several reasons. These systems are budget-friendly, which makes it easier to adapt even if you are falling short on the budget. There have been several technological modifications in the last decade and ATS software easily adapts to such upgrades. . Other than being technologically advanced, it has many other functions like screening, onboarding to payroll management, employee engagement, performance metrics, etc.   

Going paperless: Cloud computing is the best solution to store archives and making everything online to go paperless. Organizations are cautious about their consumption of resources and going paperless is one of their main agenda. Technology is ever-changing. Even with drastic changes in technology, cloud computing will prevail as the best storage mechanism. With cloud computing, HR records occupy less physical space. The information available in the stored records is easily accessible and, most importantly, it reduces the tedious work of record management.  Apart from this, cloud computing helps with timesheet submission, performance reviews, leave application management, etc. It eliminates the possibility of human errors, which is another reason why you should go for it. All of this promotes employee satisfaction and enhances efficiency in the business processes.  

4.Online skill assessment solutions: Another future-ready technological development, which provides a huge relief to the HR department, is a skill assessment tool. These tools are being largely adopted by more and more businesses. These tools are heavily relied upon by recruiters for their precision in assessing candidates. They help choose the perfect job fit candidates and eliminate the tedious process of conducting assessments manually. Online pre-employment assessment tools come with a wide range of features suitable for assessing all kinds of skills and all types of candidates.  Customization is the best feature of these tools. They help you assess soft skills and tech skills. The wide range of tests available to test different skills can be combined to create a suitable assessment for recruitment. It helps in assessing many candidates at once. The video and image proctoring features eliminate the need for assessors to physically observe the candidates.  

5.Training: Training programs are what makes the recruitment process complete. These programs are beneficial for employees in all sectors who want to enhance their skills. These programs enhance employee engagement and help employees in using technology in a more efficient way. For e.g., communication tools keep upgrading and employees constantly need to learn how to make the best use of these tools to communicate better.   

These programs are beneficial to organizations without an HR. Business owners and leaders who are left with the task of recruitment and talent management need to first improve their training methods. Technology has helped HR tremendously and continues to advance. Just because your current hiring process is working just fine for you, it does not mean there is no scope for improvement. Adapting the latest technological trends is ultimately what can help you recruit better.  

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