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It explains how technology and automation can improve recruitment

Recruitment is the core activity in building an organization. Businesses are built by efficient employees who fit the organization’s requirement and are able to adapt to the organizational culture.

While for many, recruitment is a no brainer that involves posting of jobs, interviewing the candidate and onboarding, it is actually an intricate process that involves shortlisting, scheduling, managing background checks, viewing assessments, referrals and finally onboarding. Sometimes the organisation looks for effectiveness as it is compelled to fill in its vacancy at the earliest. While efficiency is still something most organization aim for, in the battle between effectiveness and efficiency, effectiveness tends to have an upper hand. This is primarily the case in most organizations, as the HR is mandated to hire at the earliest to fill in a vacant position. With little automation in place, the recruiter is in a hurry to close the position.

Technology and a holistic approach to the whole process will help in seamless onboarding of an employee beginning with the job posting itself. Let us analyse here how technology and automation through an Application Tracking System helps in making the recruitment process more efficient.

1. Uploading job postings

Any good ATS enables a user to post jobs on various job boards and social media at one go, instead of manually uploading them in each of these sites. This ensures that the target sites are not missed and valuable time of the recruiter is not wasted on mundane tasks. RecruitX Jobs does this and much more in terms of automating the task of promoting jobs.

2. Ease of candidate aggregation

Many times due to lack of the right tools, a recruiter is unable to get the right candidates, as manual aggregation is a tedious task. With the lack of automation in place, there are slips between the cracks. With these slips, one may fill the position effectively, but the efficiency of the candidate matching the organization’s requirement may be compromised. Along with this, duplication of efforts takes place and a fatigue sets in that makes the process tedious for the recruiter. With a limited number of talent pool to filter through, the recruiter and therefore the organisation may lose out on sourcing the best talent. Instead of going through various websites , mails or even one’s own computer files and folder. An Applicant Tracking System like RecruitX will help source candidates from multiple sources, but maintain a single aggregated pool, which otherwise is a daunting task for any busy recruiter.

3. Integrated Pipeline

When one creates a job posting in the ATS system, it is available for all functions such as scheduling of interviews, referrals, placements among others. With automation, the scope of human error is minimized and time spent in digging through websites and papers manually is eliminated. Automation also helps in tracking a job through its entire closure pipeline. It also provides various metrics that help in analyzing the recruitment process as a whole. This helps in enhancing the recruitment experience for both the candidate as well as the manager recruiting.

4. Integrated with Apps

With fast turnaround being the norm of the day, ATS, when integrated with different applications, helps in reducing the manual effort for various functions. For example; RecruitX, our ATS provides integration with Chrome in the form of a Chrome extension. This extension lets you capture candidate profiles from various job sites and Linkedin through just a single click. Without this automation, a recruiter would have to manually enter the candidate’s data in their system, involving a huge amount of data entry work.

5. Automated Reports

So, you have been recruiting candidates since a long time and handle a large pool of candidates and working on multiple jobs at the same time. How do you make sure you are at the top of your game? How do you know if the jobs are getting closed fast enough or all the jobs you handle are getting the attention they deserve. This is where technology can help you with various analytics and reports. And what’s even better? If these reports are delivered to you automatically at regular intervals, it helps you to keep a tab on all your recruitment activity and make your process more efficient. This is exactly what RecruitX reports do.

Recruitment is a process, and like any process, it has got to be automated wherever possible. It is time that the corporate HR departments and recruiting agencies enable automation to source prospective employees, find the right fit, analyse the various metrics that will ensure maximum output with minimal effort.

Note:-This article was originally published on Talentnow Resource

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