Candidates talking b******s - surely not??

Anyone who has been involved in recruitment, agency or client side will have heard most if not all of these in their time. They are of course statements from candidates to recruiters that are of course blatant b******s!! So you fellow recruiter, how many of these can you say you have heard?

  1. I need to speak with my wife = It's a no
  2. I'm perfect for the role = You can't afford me
  3. Can you call me back in ten minutes..... so I have time to turn my phone off or call somebody else
  4. The interview went well - they really liked me = I messed up
  5. I answered all the questions at interview and could do everything on the job spec = I messed it up
  6. Maybe I should have mentioned this before = I've messed you around
  7. Can I have the weekend to think about it = Its a no and you'll never to able to get me on the phone again
  8. I've got specific industry experience = But what I haven't said is it was 35 years ago
  9. I would take a cut for the right role = Right up until the point they offer me less than I'm on
  10. I took a career break to renovate property = I'm crap at what I do and no one would employ me
  11. I would commute 60 miles each way - no problem = I will turn down any offer due to commute no matter how much it is at 5.30pm on a Friday and ruin your weekend
  12. Can I let you know Monday AM? (said on Friday night) = It’s a no and there will be an email turning down the offer waiting for you in your inbox on Monday at 8.30
  13. I've vaguely heard of that company but I haven't been put forward = 15 companies have spoken to me about this vacancy and I have told them all that they can put me forward. I have also sent my CV direct just in case

Watch out for the next part - it is the recruiters turn to talk b*******s!!!!

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Comment by jay tarimala on April 10, 2008 at 5:33pm
1. I need to speak with my wife - not always a no..i have had lot of yesses too..
4. the interview went well - not always messed up ... i have had lot of hiring because of it too..
12. Can I let you know Monday AM? (said on Friday night) = It’s not always a no..there have been yesses for me..


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