Recruiters have been known to stretch the truth.....once or twice!!

After sharing with everyone some of the crap that comes out of candidates during the interview process, I thought I should even it up with some b******s from the recruiters angle!! Of course this is all hearsay (!!), as I just can't believe we have been known to use any of these, can you??!! Go on, how many have you heard us utter?

  1. Research shows = I’ve made this up
  2. To tell you the truth = I’m lying
  3. Honestly speaking = I’m still lying
  4. Most of our clients = One or two
  5. This candidate is the best around = I’ve only got this one guy
  6. I’ve had a lot of xxxx experience = I’m new to recruitment though
  7. In a manner of speaking = I’m waffling
  8. At the end of the day = You’re not going to go ahead are you?
  9. Feel free to think about it = Now I know you aren’t going ahead!
  10. I've spoken to him myself = I've emailed him
  11. He's interviewing elsewhere = He's sat at home watching Trisha
  12. I haven't got my notes in front of me = I've never asked the candidate that query but will do
  13. I've had a message from him indicating he enjoyed the interview = Haven't spoken to him yet but now that it may be an offer you bet I will
  14. They've filled the job internally = You're not good enough but I don't have the strength or patience to argue this point with you.
  15. I'm on the phone / in a meeting = I'm eating breakfast
  16. You look an extremely good match for the role I'm recruiting for = There must be something wrong with you, what is it?
  17. This role offers significant professional development opportunities for you = Just take the darn job
  18. You can apply internally for any other role after 6 months = I know this job is rubbish but keep trying and you'll find a good one there…
  19. You can work flexitime = The traffic is a nightmare, this at least means you have a change to get there on time
  20. I've been meaning to call you / you were next on my list = I've been trying to avoid speaking to you

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