6 Tips to Find the Best Big Data & Analytics Jobs

If you are seeking career opportunities in big data, there are chances you will find an overwhelming number of jobs out there. What’s more complicated is to find the right job in the right sector that fits you among the wide range of alternatives.

There are numerous Big Data jobs in almost every sector – from government, farming, information technology, retail, medicine, law enforcement, science, manufacturing, and technical services, among others. To step into a data science career that suits you, follow some quick tips that can help you to find a suitable job, which matches your preferences, talents, interests, and skills.

6 Top Tips for Finding the ‘Right’ Data Science Job 

  1. Aim on Unique Skills

Always make sure to highlight the unique skills you possess. If you want to become an accomplished professional in big data, then make it your priority to specifically emphasize the unique skillsets that you bring to the table.

Having a specialization with relevant certifications followed by programming skills is crucial, but they are not everything. Mention the experience and knowledge you possess of people, environment, and processes. These details in your CV, cover letter, as well as during the interview, will make you better prepared.

  1. Seek Opportunities in Multiple Sectors

Big Data jobs are rapidly growing in about all sectors. Uninitiated assume that they are limited to the Information Technology sector. But there are many opportunities in many industries like education, healthcare, education, and even in finance. Look for opportunities in various other sectors so that you can gain adequate experience across the board. 

  1. Always keep up with the Changes

Depending on the developments in technology the field of big data and analytics keeps changing too. It is very important for those who want to pursue a data science career that they take the initiative to be updated and stay ahead with all the latest advancements in the field of big data and analytics. They must upgrade their career and keep learning. Choosing to work in the field of big data and analytics can be a huge career move, so long as you are on top of the trends. Industry-oriented Big Data certifications by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) are a good start. They are the latest and keep reinventing their members with the time-boundedness of their credentials. 

  1. Keep Adding More Skills

If you want the organizations to pick you, then make sure that you add more skills to your current skill set. The hiring companies and the interviewers who are in the field of big data and analytics look for people who have more skills apart from the regular ones. You can undertake additional certification courses that will act as a cherry on the cake. Few options that can be considered are: 

  • Big Data Engineering/Analytics with DASCA
  • Data Science with R
  • Data Science with Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Real-Time Processing
  • Hadoop and MapReduce
  • Data Visualization – Tableau
  • CloudLabs for R and Python
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Science with SAS

Choosing the right kind of certification courses will keep you abreast with the latest technologies and give every individual the edge required to be a fruitful member of any organization. Companies consider them valuable assets because they are self-driven and take initiative. 

  1. Beginner’s Focus

If you are new to this field then you must focus on the full-time positions and upgrading the skills which you currently possess. The organizations provide the proper training for the employee before they are into a real-time project. So, one can join as a full-time, long-term position and enhance their skills, do the job they desire, and also get paid. 

  1. Understand the job you are seeking

Every job seeker must be clear on what kind of Big Data jobs they are looking for before they start applying. Doing a job in a well-established company will be completely different from doing a job in a start-up; both organizations might have the same job description and title. But the work you do and the skills you will acquire will differ. 

If you are interested in a data science career, make sure to invest in the right things so become the top candidate of choice for the best employers in the world of data science.

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