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What are the Benefits of HR Certification?

Certifications demonstrates the proof of skills towards the profession and is beneficial both for the employees as well as the employers. As a recruiter, one needs to have the validity of skills that the candidate possss. Thus, certification adds credibility and validity to the department assuring that the candidate is capable enough to take up a new venture.

In a report by PayScale, it was estimated that around 34.2% of overall HR professionals had at least one HR certification.…


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Is someone bullying you at the workplace?

Most of the individuals have been bullied some or the other time, not just by the outside world but even in their houses. It is completely uninvited and the oppressed always finds it really hard to win the battle against the oppressor.

When it comes to the workplace, bullying is prevalent here…


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Effective Employee Retention Techniques

How important is it to retain your employees? I am sure that all the entrepreneurs know the answer is that it is extra critical for any business to have a good employee tenure.

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If you go by the data provided by Paysa, a firm that reports employee statistics, you will see that Facebook owns the best retention rate since their employee tenure last for more than two years, on an average, while Uber suffers from minimum retention rate as their employee tenure does not go…


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Time to Get Introduced To Talent Management

Talent Management is the most important plan to lift up all your efforts in HR, talent acquisition, and recruiting. The strategy of talent management includes plans that were not implemented earlier. It is a business strategy that develops potential hires and attracts capable individuals. A correct talent management system is important to make your company look attractive. Today, employees want professional support as well as development. It encourages the employees to perform better until…


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Growth of Blockchain Developers

Blockchain is the new tech that companies are running after. It is the tech that underlies bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. So far blockchain has transformed multiple industries including supply chain, healthcare, finance and more. In fact, there has been tremendous demand for blockchain developers across the world. According to Forbes, there has been nearly 6000 percent increase in the number of blockchain developers around the world. And, as much as 92 percent businesses want to get on…


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3 Must-Know ‘W’s of Modern Talent Management

Businesses are experiencing a change in the way they work. What is the cause of this transformation affecting the organizations? Well, the answer is exactly what you are thinking! It’s the advancement of data automation and artificial intelligence that is changing the way organizations perform tasks. According to Mercer, 99% of organizations are preparing for the future of work. 

Sitting back and watching the events unfold is not an option. There will be a disruption in the workplace,…


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Essential Tips for Online Marketing on a Budget

When you are attempting to create an online marketing plan, it is not always required to have a huge budget. The beauty of online marketing is that you can easily create a great campaign on a small budget as well. When you set the budget, it will also help you decide on what marketing campaigns to run.

The following are tips to run an online marketing program on a budget:

Know the Various Marketing Methods

When you…


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Why to Become an AI Professional?

A new revolution is on its way to disrupt the tech world. Any guesses what I am talking about?

Artificial Intelligence is our future and its high time we accept and widen our knowledge on what all is possible through this ingenious invention. If managed wisely, it can inexplicable positive changes to civilization and enable it to flourish like never before.

Artificial Intelligence is around us in disparate forms but many of us really notice that? Did you know that SIRI which is…


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Strategic Planning: The Key Concept and Process

Businesses without proper strategic planning often tend to stall. Having proper strategic planning helps businesses avoid the stall and prepare for fundamental changes. An accidental success is dangerous, although succeeding without a plan is possible, these examples only exist of businesses that achieve financial success.  

Strategic planning helps the organization set priorities, strengthen operations, focus on the energy and resources and ensures…


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5 Mathematics Books to Prepare for JEE Mains

Joint Entrance Examination(JEE) Mains conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education is the central exam for admissions in BTech/BE in various government colleges of India. Many Engineering colleges seats reside under the merit of JEE Mains exam. It is also a pre-stage test for the admissions in 23 IITs all across the country.



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What does the Future hold for Talent Management in 2019?

The war for talent becomes intensely gruesome as we speak & that calls for organizations to amplify their line of Talent management professionals.

Talent, being an inexplicably valuable asset for businesses, is the topmost priority for employers who are prepared to take an extra mile for attracting the most competent & dexterous individuals in their industry. And, considering the tight situation of the labor market, the need of the hour is for companies to craft suitable…


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What do Private Equity professionals do?

When it comes to investing, many investors have a unique route by investing in a mutual fund or in the stock market. Today, private equity has gained a great amount of influence in the market, although there are very few people who actually understand the real meaning. But, what is private equity? And what do private equity professionals do on a daily…


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Impact of Digital Badges in the Certification Industry

Making the most of your education has always been regarded as a positive act in your career path and the growth of microcredentials as a whole showcase this in the current international corporate environment. Indeed, having your accolades well known is essential in the current age of mass categorization and aggressive recruitment practices across every major vertical. Hiring need not always be a shot in the dark and candidates can take measures to ensure they get noticed by the right people-…


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Ways to Upgrade Human Capital Management

Working in a corporate environment for long hours can be taxing, especially when the person working above you forgets to see you as a person and begins to perceive you as a machine with no emotions or personal life, what so ever. And, this is the scenario that most employees deal with today when their managers fail to foster an environment that exhibits positivity and coherence.

Therefore, managers have an essential role to play when it comes to infusing efficiency into an…


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Major Challenges for HR Leaders

The development of an effective leadership strategy is an important domain of activity for HR professionals, particularly in the learning division. While employee growth is important, establishing leaders that understand the present and future needs, alongside preparing for sudden challenges and difficulties is more relevant toward success. Employees should be by and large motivated to…


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Reasons to Become a Certified Hadoop Data Scientist

The rate at which data science has been growing has made IT professionals take great interest in the concepts that fuel it for their own professional interests. Not only does it require a solid set of skills, it makes use of mathematics and computer science to tangibly impact how organizations and their growth. Observing recent trends, we see that the surge in data science jobs in international markets will be at an all-time high in the coming years, making it ideal for talented…


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Methodologies to Refine Human Capital Management

The role of human resources professionals in a company is multi-faceted as there is a plethora of tasks that they have in their hands to fulfill, but, the chief function that makes HR professionals critical to an organization’s success is Human Capital Management.

For those who do not know, Human Capital Management is a blend of actions linked to people resources management, majorly in the segments of workforce acquisition and management, as stated by Gartner. Human capital has become…


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How Important Is An HR Certification?

Certifications give a tremendous boost to an otherwise stagnant career or knowledge base. Like everyone else, this applies to the HR professionals as well. Competition for HR professionals has increased and organizations are now seeking validation of employee skills before hiring them.  Certifications are the best way to prove commitment and add credibility to the CV. They are also one of the most suitable ways to ask for that long pending pay hike. And it is not only us who say so.…


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Jobs that are in High Demand in 2019

It is the…


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HR Certification – Your Gateway to Success

There is a dramatic rise in the demand for HR professionals who are not only well-versed with the latest tools and technology but are also certified. Yes, as the recruiters and hiring managers have realized the importance and benefits of certifications in human resources, the demand is rising.

So if you are seeking a career in human resources or…


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