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Seeking Data Science Jobs Amid the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

Amid financial losses due to the novel coronavirus crisis, many companies are already undergoing layoffs, pay cuts, and furloughs.

There is no denying fact that the economy is under an attack in the wake of COVID-19. Thus, affecting millions of lives directly and indirectly. The United States alone has experienced a loss of nearly 10 million in the past two weeks.

Event, conferences, webinars, meetups, concerts, cultural events, and classes have all been postponed, moved, or…


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AI and Machine Learning: The Future of Engineering

Artificial intelligence and machine learning: emerging technologies addressing the needs of today’s industries.

Organizations and industries need to be innovative, efficient in delivery, answerable to the digital needs of the customer, and put their innovation into production at the earliest. For every lifecycle of a product, it all starts with a customer-driven innovation followed by constriction and engineering of the manufacturing facility which further comes to the production…


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How to Use Facebook Video Ads to Maximize Conversions

During every particular moment, it is easy to pick up the phone and start downloading a massive amount of data. Facebook somehow finds it particularly convenient to get you pulled in with the images of adorable animals napping or people doing insane stuff. Yeah, whatever makes you invest your time on your workday. But when you get on the advertisement side of the business working to bring your company out of the social networking environment, all this material…


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The Amalgamation of HR and InfoTech- HRIS: A Boon or Bane

Human Resource Management is not a classical or customary job anymore. With modernization, the need to mechanize the HRoperations grew with leaps and bounds. Now, there are not just individual automatic systems to facilitate functions, the multifarious parts that each system has, also add to the level of advancement and efficiency. For instance, there are notable similarities between an HRMS system, HCM suite, and HRIS software, but the purpose of each has almost hairline differences which…


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Recruitment And HR certifications: Are they worth it?

The recruitment industry is a versatile industry. It means that it offers as many ways to enter the industry as there are people in the industry. Given that there’s no hard-and-fast criterion to be eligible to work in the industry, it is also correct to say that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to enter recruitment and human resources.  

Degrees might be cost-prohibitive, taking a certification is an affordable and credible way to make your way and progress in the industry. …


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Drive Value for Organization with HR and Talent Management Certifications

The role of human resource professionals is changing significantly as the workforce and economy evolve. Technology is freeing up HR professionals to make their field more exciting, demanding, and competitive.

With the evolving industry and technology trends, the right talent refers to behavioral competencies. Behavioral competencies such as strength in adaptability, continuous learning, transactional communication, the problem-solving approach should get advocated for talents by the…


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IT Services to Business Strategy: The New CIOs Journey

In an increasingly data-driven world, the role of chief information officers (CIOs) is transforming to a greater extent. Their services are extended beyond traditional IT services. They are engaged in making strategic choices about technology, managing and using data to drive business growth.

The CIOs importance is growing beyond technological processes and data as they are stepping more into the business strategy decisions of their organization. They are expected to play a tactical…


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Why grants for universities are essential for good education

That education is important is not in dispute. It is an important way of gaining knowledge of the world around us and developing a wider and more informed perspective of looking at life. Its essential purpose is to convert a mass of information into knowledge that can be used productively. 

Education is also the birthplace for innovative ideas. However, turning a great idea into a reality requires one thing for sure, and that is funding. Unfortunately, general funds are typically…


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The Future is Now: The Evolving Role of a Chief Learning Officer (CLO)

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." ~ George Bernard Shaw

Today, the role of a chief human resource officer (CHRO) has taken strides within the past years. No doubt it is one of the most important job roles in a company. Due to digital transformation, we’re now experiencing a huge shift in the work industry.

The CHRO often acts as the voice for the organization. Their responsibilities cover several aspects of the HR department, from recruiting to talent…


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Prepping up Students with Cognitive Impairment for the Jobs of Tomorrow

Earning a job after school is as exciting and true for people with cognitive impairment and other people with other disabilities or even with no disabilities.

If you look past down the years, people with cognitive disabilities were not given many preferences in the jobs world. Today, fortunately, the employment opportunities for such individuals are changing. Students who need special education can stay in school till the age of 21, according to a regulation that is part of the…


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Organization Design Strategy: Role Played by the HR Leaders

Design thinking is a human-centric and an action-oriented framework for problem-solving that first originated in the 1950s. If executed effectively, it can help lower business risks, gain employee confidence, nurture growth, and facilitate an increase in market share. The innovative HR tool makes the line go blur among the internal (employees) and external customers.

What Made Organization Design an Important Aspect of Business Upkeep?

  • It…

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Employment in BPO Sector: Benefits BPO Professionals Enjoy

BPO sector that offers uncountable benefits to firms across industries in terms of optimizing process efficiency, providing expert assistance, and cutting costs had always been booming since its emergence. Benefits attained through raking in BPO support are unavoidable.

People working in the said domain are believed to be the most privileged compared to professionals working in other industries. The reason is the multiple benefits and perks BPO professionals enjoy…


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COVID-19 breakout enforces remote work culture globally!

The contagious coronavirus has brought businesses to standstill, it has enforced organizations to take a stock of their outdated policies and prepare themselves for a battle against the deadly COVID-19 breakout.

HR professionals, world over are working or reworking the policies and experimenting with the work-from-home culture. While this has not been easy for numerous organizations, there…


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Demystify Data Scientists Salaries in 2020

Without the help of data scientists, it is highly challenging to churn out actionable insights from multi-varied data sources from organizations. The data science industry has drastically grown within the past five to six years, and for good reasons.

Data science is growing at warp speed and so are data science professionals.

This industry dramatically changed within five years – from data miners to solvers of complex problems, data scientists are in-demand.…


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International Women’s Day: Ideas to celebrate at workplace in 2020

An annual celebration, the International Women’s Day (IWD) is marked on March 08 every day. Falling on Sunday this year, it is an occasion to remember the belief that “an equal world is an enabled world.” The theme for IWD 2020 is #EachforEqual, looking to forge a gender-equal world that:

  • Celebrates achievements by women
  • Raises awareness against bias
  • Takes action for equality

Every year, HR leaders in many companies organize…


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These are the Content Marketing Skills You Need to Imbibe in 2020

In 2020, business isn’t exactly booming. Most companies in the market are suffering from a downturn. Businesses landlocked in a field with a lot of competition are shedding blood and struggling to find new customers.

This slowdown has naturally affected those working at such companies. Digital marketers are not impervious to these trends. Companies are evaluating the value of each working employee they hire. In order to survive a slowdown, many companies are letting go off people who…


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Job Roles for MBA Finance to Grow into PE Professionals

MBA finance students are sought after by banks, corporations, and asset management companies each year. Careers at the start require post-graduates to assist in the financial improvement of the firm they have been hired into.

The five major areas in finance covered during the college years of the program…


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Why HR professionals will need augmented analytics in 2020

In recent years, the business world has seen data become very prominent. Scarce is the company that has not undergone some degree of digital transformation, and this has brought data to the core of its optimal performance. This focus on data has meant the use of streamlined methods of collecting and…


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Is It Time To Hire Or Fire An Employee? Know When!

There comes a time in your business when things are not really in good shape. Either the working conditions are getting worse, the organizational policies and processes have become stale or the growth is stagnant and you are way past your best! But, have you wondered what your workforce could be substantially responsible for this slow downfall? Yes! Sometimes employees can also be a huge reason behind your business facing such hardships and the numbers going down. Thus, it is extremely…


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The Prevailing Workplace Benefit Trends You Must Know (#7 is quite unique)

If there is anything that can make the employees compromise even a bit with their net pay or leave a better job offer from a company then it is the benefits. The more, the better as it makes your workforce merrier and productivity perkier. Yes, there are a few things more than the employees truly desire like responsibility, authority, promotions, and friendships inside the office. But, if you as an employer are wondering why your company’s attrition rate is not getting under control then the…


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