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What does the Future hold for Talent Management in 2019?

The war for talent becomes intensely gruesome as we speak & that calls for organizations to amplify their line of Talent management professionals.

Talent, being an inexplicably valuable asset for businesses, is the topmost priority for employers who are prepared to take an extra mile for attracting the most competent & dexterous individuals in their industry. And, considering the tight situation of the labor market, the need of the hour is for companies to craft suitable…


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What do Private Equity professionals do?

When it comes to investing, many investors have a unique route by investing in a mutual fund or in the stock market. Today, private equity has gained a great amount of influence in the market, although there are very few people who actually understand the real meaning. But, what is private equity? And what do private equity professionals do on a daily…


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Impact of Digital Badges in the Certification Industry

Making the most of your education has always been regarded as a positive act in your career path and the growth of microcredentials as a whole showcase this in the current international corporate environment. Indeed, having your accolades well known is essential in the current age of mass categorization and aggressive recruitment practices across every major vertical. Hiring need not always be a shot in the dark and candidates can take measures to ensure they get noticed by the right people-…


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Ways to Upgrade Human Capital Management

Working in a corporate environment for long hours can be taxing, especially when the person working above you forgets to see you as a person and begins to perceive you as a machine with no emotions or personal life, what so ever. And, this is the scenario that most employees deal with today when their managers fail to foster an environment that exhibits positivity and coherence.

Therefore, managers have an essential role to play when it comes to infusing efficiency into an…


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Major Challenges for HR Leaders

The development of an effective leadership strategy is an important domain of activity for HR professionals, particularly in the learning division. While employee growth is important, establishing leaders that understand the present and future needs, alongside preparing for sudden challenges and difficulties is more relevant toward success. Employees should be by and large motivated to…


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Reasons to Become a Certified Hadoop Data Scientist

The rate at which data science has been growing has made IT professionals take great interest in the concepts that fuel it for their own professional interests. Not only does it require a solid set of skills, it makes use of mathematics and computer science to tangibly impact how organizations and their growth. Observing recent trends, we see that the surge in data science jobs in international markets will be at an all-time high in the coming years, making it ideal for talented…


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Methodologies to Refine Human Capital Management

The role of human resources professionals in a company is multi-faceted as there is a plethora of tasks that they have in their hands to fulfill, but, the chief function that makes HR professionals critical to an organization’s success is Human Capital Management.

For those who do not know, Human Capital Management is a blend of actions linked to people resources management, majorly in the segments of workforce acquisition and management, as stated by Gartner. Human capital has become…


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How Important Is An HR Certification?

Certifications give a tremendous boost to an otherwise stagnant career or knowledge base. Like everyone else, this applies to the HR professionals as well. Competition for HR professionals has increased and organizations are now seeking validation of employee skills before hiring them.  Certifications are the best way to prove commitment and add credibility to the CV. They are also one of the most suitable ways to ask for that long pending pay hike. And it is not only us who say so.…


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Jobs that are in High Demand in 2019

It is the…


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HR Certification – Your Gateway to Success

There is a dramatic rise in the demand for HR professionals who are not only well-versed with the latest tools and technology but are also certified. Yes, as the recruiters and hiring managers have realized the importance and benefits of certifications in human resources, the demand is rising.

So if you are seeking a career in human resources or…


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Tips for Running a Successful Executive Recruiting Firm

Recruiting is a tricky business, especially, if you are looking to recruit a top-notch executive for an extremely important position. Keeping that into consideration, I write this article today to offer some useful tips that you may follow when recruiting eminent executives.

Before enlightening you with the route to successful executive recruiting, here is an explanation of what that term actually means.

Executive Recruiting

It is a procedure in which…


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Many of the changes that will occur in the future within organizations will be spearheaded by a new demographic of professionals- the stage is set for millennial leadership to become a predominant feature is the corporate world. This has become an international phenomenon which will become more evident in the coming decade as we orient ourselves with the coming changes and how it will impact the experience of working under particular leaders. This is even more important for key leadership…


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Encouraging Learning from Mistakes in E-Learning

Mistakes are a part of learning. If your learners have never make a mistake, then it is likely that the material was not sufficiently advanced or challenging. And yet, despite this, the…


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Have you been researching about business strategic plans and approaches? Are you trying to figure out how it’s done and owe to use it in the regular tasks? Are you confused whether a strategic planning course or a strategic planning certification program will help you or not?

Well, you’re not the only one.

In the fast-paced marketplace, everyone is looking to get that extra edge, that extra something over everyone else in the market. And when it comes to…


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The Most Important Benefit for an Employee is Investing in their Future

The most meaningful benefit from the workplace that an employee can receive is the chance to grow as professionals through professional training programs and the method in which corporations ensure their employees are armed with the latest tools and technologies to not just grow in their chosen career, but also take the organization forward into the future. Learning and development is more important than ever before for the modern professional, and with rapid advancements across major…


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A Deep Understanding of Online Proctoring

Exam Proctoring has gone through a major transformation in the past few years as a result of latest technological innovations. The trend of online proctoring has been catching up pretty fast with more and more institutes as well as organizations moving far away from the traditional methods of proctoring.

For its many benefits, online proctoring has been the preferred choice…


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Key Findings for a Chief Human Resources Officer to Know

Recruitment is a big game. Just like any game, where different individuals from different groups are fighting each other to grab a piece of place under the sun, recruitments make a company survive. Companies are improving every bit of their own spaces and people to attract candidates. No wonder, employee experience, candidate experience, ergonomics, and culture rank high for these companies and all these big terms ranked big time last year. They are going to remain on the top this year…


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Why Should You Go For Human Resources Professional Certification?

As you must have realized that Human Resources department is a critical department for an organization. Though it was easier earlier to push an HR department in the background, when making some important decisions, it has, over the years, become increasingly difficult to side track it. Especially, when there has been so much emphasis on people management or rather talent management.

Managing people has always been and would always be the primary function of an HR department. However,…


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Are you planning a career in private equity? If you’re moving from a different career, you might find it difficult to climb the corporate ladder in the private equity industry. But there’s a good news- the industry is embracing such professionals with open arms these days. Before applying in various private equity firms in a go, there are some factors that you should consider -

Try to build a good and effective track record -

The best experts are the…


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Why is Employing a Chief Learning Officer Necessary to Succeed?

With every organization struggling with finding top talent & retaining it, there is urgency for such companies to hire a professional who is completely dedicated to learning & development of the employees. There is a requirement to make changes in the old Talent Management Strategy & employ an efficient Chief Learning Officer who can take up the responsibility of keeping the competent employees engaged, identify future leaders & develop leadership skills which is required for…


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