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Salaries of data analyst in US

The demand for data experts is expected to grow by at least 19 percent in 2026.

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According to a report from the International Data Corporation (IDC), the global big data and business analytics market is expanding at a quick clip over the last few years, leaping from US$122 billion in global revenue in 2015 to US$189 billion in 2019 and driving towards a projected US$274 billion for 2022.

Several firms today have understood the value of…


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Top 8 leadership skills every HR professional must need

Globally organizations look for a certain skill when they are planning to hire an HR. People who want to be in this field must be career-ready for the market. They should up-skill themselves by doing certifications as well as learning new skills and methods, which will be helpful for them to get a good job in a well-established organization.

Pursuing a career in the area of human resources is one of the toughest jobs that one can do.…


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Digital Engagement Tools to Create a Collaborative Work Culture in 2021

Collaboration is a highly appreciated attribute for corporate success, particularly in today's times when the concept of collaboration has shifted. There are no more yells across cubicles, conference calls don't require a conference room, and onboarding just entails logging into a variety of programs and tools. As a result, collaboration technologies serve as the pivot of modern workplace culture, facilitating connection, establishing transparency, increasing productivity, and increasing…


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Crucial aspects & top salaries of a senior data scientist

The demand for data science experts is expected to grow by at least 19 percent in 2026.

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Data science is a rapidly blossoming field in the current world. Today almost all industries are using data science in many shapes or forms. This resulted in the demand for data professionals who have the skills to solve the problems that are related to data and help drive the business to success.

The data…


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Overview of AI engineers – prerequisites, salaries & skills

Market valuation experts assigned the global artificial intelligence market a value of $39.9 billion in 2019 with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 42 percent from 2020 to 2027.

The world is constantly evolving with many technological developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The impact of AI is growing tremendously, it is estimated that the field of AI will offer over 2 million jobs within the next couple of years.

The need for artificial…


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6 Tips to Find the Best Big Data & Analytics Jobs

If you are seeking career opportunities in big data, there are chances you will find an overwhelming number of jobs out there. What’s more complicated is to find the right job in the right sector that fits you among the wide range of alternatives.

There are numerous Big Data jobs in almost every sector – from government, farming, information…


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Changes in recruitment and hiring during the pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wage war on the world, it was expected that companies would reduce the salaries and benefits packages of their workers. The statistics, however, indicate otherwise: 

  • 81 percent of human resource professionals have kept base compensation intact
  • 89 percent of professionals in human resources have not eliminated or reduced employee benefits

Clearly, most companies have avoided…


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Achieving Work-life Balance in Private Equity Jobs

Achieving work-life balance in financial careers seems to be a dream, at least for the juniors there. Most of the finance graduates are attracted by high-paying financial jobs like private equity jobs, investment banking, or venture capital.

Though the career is more promising, the main drawback is that they are gradually losing track of their other aspects of lives. They feel they are becoming slaves to their…


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Who will drive Hiring in AI – Tech or People?

Looking ahead to 2030, it could well be a year straight out of a science fiction novel. Technology is making inroads everywhere, already marking its presence not just in production but even in recruitment. While this may create the fear that HR technology will be all about algorithms and robots, the human presence is not going to go away – it may in fact become stronger.  …


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Why Turn To Executive Headhunters For C-Suite Hiring?

When it comes to the process of sourcing top-performing talent to fill a C-suite, executive, or senior-management position within an organization, it involves so much more than finding the most relevant candidate. It also involves reducing the stress, cost, and time it takes to fill a senior management position. 

Because the hiring process can be such a difficult process to effectively navigate through, many large businesses and established organizations throughout the world outsource…


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What is the impact of COVID-19 on College Graduate Jobs

COVID-19 led economic slowdown has reached the graduate job market.

Promises faltered, offers taken back, and few places to begin your career – this is what characterizes the job market today for many college graduates. It was much worse when the world was right in the middle of the storm during 2020.

Is there a need to innovate academic programs for educators and align…


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Top 6 Emerging Tech Jobs to Rule in 2021

Concerns about rapid digital transformation have never been greater.

The world is already undergoing a paradigm shift. Many organizations have started embracing technologies like AI, data science, virtual reality, and more. As we move forward in 2021, there are certain emerging job roles that are likely to rule this year and in the foreseeable future.…


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Talent Management Paradigms in Remote Work – with Mukta Arya

In the ‘2020 In Review’ series of the Talent Management Institute (TMI), Mukta Arya, Head of Human Resources–Asia Pacific at Société Générale, explains how the company responded to the pandemic lockdown with ‘bouncing back’ sessions plus support tips and tools for employees. Talent management practices went virtual and aimed at…


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How to Step Up Your Career Ladder in M&A in 2021

Working in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As) is challenging as it puts you at the core of finance, unlike any other position. You will be exposed to industry expertise and seniority level at the beginning of the career in M&A. M&A refers to a business strategy where purchasing or combining of companies occurs mainly to save costs, witness expansion, and improve capital, among other objectives.

Generally, companies engage in M&As for revenue synergies, cost synergies,…


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The Importance of Executive Education For Career Growth

Have you ever thought about the reasons behind the blockages in your career?  

I've seen various people excelling in academics but not yet able to grow in their career despite having exemplary domain-knowledge and extensive work experience. Are you someone facing a similar situation?  

Lack of leadership and cross-functional skills or problem-solving abilities can be some of the reasons behind the hindrances in your…


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Onboarding New Hires? 5 Questions That Leaders Ask

The first month of a new hire is not only crucial for her but also for the organization and its teams. This became even more challenging for global business strategy leaders during the pandemic as onboarding went remote.

If you lead a team or an organization, it’s highly likely that you have been involved in the hiring process.

Here we…


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The Upsides of a Private Equity Job

For people looking to work in finance, careers in private equity are a popular option. The chance to work closely with companies, evaluate investment and acquisition targets, learn closely about how businesses function, and earn great salaries in a prestigious, high-flying profession attracts the best candidates each year. These flock to apply…


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Ways to Engage Your Remote Workforce

The pandemic has compelled many businesses to opt for a remote workforce. However, as the organizations make the shift to remote work, they are facing many challenges in communication and trust-building leading to employee turnover.

Employee turnover is indeed costly and reports suggest that 20% of employees leave within the first 45 days of…


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Job Opportunities in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Sector

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sectors have been hit hard ever since the pandemic struck.

However, the industry is slowly recovering post lockdown. Hiring activities have been quite active within the BPO sector in October and September.

The ITES and BPO services showed a growth of 7 percent as people started getting comfortable with the virtual and digital-enabled world.

As different services have started showing an uptick in the market, it is ideal to say that…


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AI jobs trends to Watchout in 2021

Increasingly, businesses are moving to artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies are proving to be the go-to technologies for businesses to improve business efficiency and productivity. Banking, public safety, healthcare, and nearly every other sector is either in the planning or implementing phase of artificial intelligence.…


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