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How to Land a Private Equity Job

 Private equity is a dream career for anyone in finance. It might not be as challenging as the Olympic games, but getting into private equity is certainly a formidable feat, that too right after under graduation.  

 So how do you do it? 

The Traditional Path  

 There are rare chances that private equity firms will hire you as an undergraduate. Most undergraduates are hired for investment banking roles, preferably for investment banking…


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Top HR Jobs to Consider for the Future

The COVID-19 crisis has altered the course of every industry.

The pandemic has led to the shifting of work across every sector; reshuffling of priorities brought upon us by the adoption of AI, automation, digitalization, eLearning, and remote workflows. Predictions of what jobs will be most likely in demand in the future have shifted, with new and emerging new roles.

The HR industry has already been on the road leading to the future of work for a while now. Meanwhile, in the…


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COVID Impact on Training for Investment Banking Jobs

The COVID pandemic has drastically changed the business landscape across the globe, and so is the case with the banking sector.  As per an April 2020 Statista report, 92% of CFOs of banks across the US have confessed that their firm’s revenue this year is going to decrease in the wake of the ongoing pandemic. It is noteworthy that the coronavirus was first discovered in December 2019 in Wuhan, China and since then, it has spreader across the globe with catastrophic damages to the world…


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Managing Assets For a Trading Firm: The Tips to Learn

Aside from ensuring that a MetaTrader 5 dependent company’s asset financing is well taken care of, the executives must also pay extra attention to its payroll system. Once a company’s payroll system is flawed or lacking inefficiency, it is often a secure bet that it'll lose a significant amount of cash within the end of the day. For the foremost part, companies have separate departments for human resources (HR) and payroll. On one…


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Top 5 High Paying Blockchain Jobs

Blockchain is one of those technologies that emerge once in 100 years and revolutionize the industry or at least do something of that sort. The internet did the same in the ’90s. After the internet came into existence, the world became much smaller than imagined. Blockchain technology is doing the same but along different lines. The lack of transparency in the industry and monopolistic control over data is a deterrent in optimizing the efficiency of business operations and limits innovation.…


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The Job Role of an E-commerce Marketing Manager

E-commerce has drastically transformed the way business functions.

With cutting-edge technology on the rise, digitally native brands are looking forward to taking their business to the next level. The world is shifting to a different space where brands have started enabling commerce using live streams or online space

As the e-commerce space…


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HR jobs: What Opportunities Are Available in Human Resources?

Human resources offer a plethora of job opportunities. Not to mention, HR jobs are lucrative and promising. The median salary of an HR manager is $61,290, which is higher than the average salary. 

In the past few years, human resources have become a strategic business function, helping companies grow. This requires companies to…


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Effective Employee Retention strategies from HR Leaders

Employee turnover is costly for companies. If your company has increasing employee turnover, it can do serious damage to organizational goals and may also dampen the organization’s reputation. So how do companies tackle this problem? Have you wondered how HR leaders at renowned companies keep their employee turnover rate in check?



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Which ecommerce platform is the best for small Business?

eCommerce business has now become a high rising issue in world business platform and people are now greatly dependent on this sector for making their business. It has become one of the most competitive platforms for the business industry.

As a small business company, you need to use the most potential materials so that you can easily reach your…


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Executive Search In Sydney – The Advantages For C-Suite Hiring

Outsourcing the hiring process to an executive search firm is one of the best investments an organisation can make. In return, they will receive top-performing executive talent while avoiding the time-consuming process of handling it in-house. 

An effective hiring process should not only source the best-suited talent, but also reduce costs, stress and turnover rate. The candidates need to be the right fit for the company culture, possess the required skills and hold the same…


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What to Include in a Data Science Resume

Seeking jobs as a data scientist has always been a struggle. The eagerness of landing a lucrative career, notwithstanding the stringent hiring process that involves multiple technical rounds, assignments, and interviews.

But even before getting into this, creating a resume or a portfolio is a daunting task.

While you may…


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What a Good Business Strategist Must Know

The typical modern organization must navigate a number of challenges in the course of its day-to-day work. These stem from the uncertainty of future events in the business environment, such as new products and methods of production, or the actions of customers and employees or the organization. 

This brings about the need for a proper roadmap discussing the mission, vision, and overall direction of the organization. Such a roadmap builds on the strengths of the organization and…


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How to Prepare Yourselves Against AI and Job Automation

Do you know that Google Assistants can make real human-like calls to book services, make appointments, and everything else that an assistant does? If you know, you will realize the potential artificial intelligence brings to the table.  

 This example looks promising and gives us a glimpse of the future, but it is also worrisome at the same time. While AI professionals are basking in the glory of new-found demand, others are not so fortunate.…


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Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate Passionate People

If you think that passionate people can’t achieve success within the world of trading, re-evaluate. Contrary to the favored belief that only men excel in financing and trading, many passionate individuals are literally great at it. While the industry is typically dominated by male traders, these past few years, many female trading professionals have found their spot within the very competitive sector. 

Gone are the times wherein only men do the trading, now there are many passionate…


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Workforce Management in the Future – HR Strategies

Technology is impacting the future of work and many organizations are bracing remote work. Remote workers will account for nearly three-quarters of the US workforce by 2020, as per Buffer’s state of remote work reports.

Huge changes are already happening around the workforce where new methods of engagement, strategies for team building, and…


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Careers in Private Equity: Preparing for PE Jobs

Entering private equity is a tough nut to crack, and it’s quite evident, given the significantly low success rate of fresher finance graduates that apply for entry-level Private Equity jobs.

The private equity industry, across the world, only…


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4 Tips for Your First Data Science Job

Looking for your first job is a classic chicken-egg problem. You can’t get a job because you don’t have the experience, but to get an experience you need a job. While you look for a data scientist job – out of college or switching career, this will be a hurdle. This article outlines a few tips to aid you in getting your first data science job.

Working in data science requires an advanced skill set. At the beginning of studies, you are expected to master algorithms, become…


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Effectively finding a perfect brand name for your organization

The reputation of any organization is a consequence of the hard work and the dedication of the employees that are being involved in the daily tasks for the smooth functioning of the company. However, brand naming is as well considered as the most prominent contributing factor for the development of any organization. In this advanced era, there…


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How HR Professionals can help new Hires Navigate Virtual Workplaces

The idea of a virtual workplace has often been discussed, along with its shortcomings and plus points. It was however the exception rather than the norm, and it has taken a pandemic of massive proportions to bring this new mode of work back into focus. Companies of all types and in all sectors are doing their best to figure out the right ways of getting their regular tasks done, given their unfamiliarity with the situation and the uncertainty of how business will move ahead. 

This has…


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5 Employment-Friendly Skills for a World Post Corona

As we are all kind of locked down in the wake of the Wuhan virus that has spread across the world, and has destroyed the economies of countries it has barged into, it’s time to prepare for the career opportunities lying ahead of us. Sooner or later, the pandemic will come to an end. And what young graduates and professionals will seek is the apt job opportunities and work promotions. 

Noteworthy over here is that the world will get changed in terms of its functioning, post corona.…


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