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Candidate selection process is all about reaching out and attracting the best talent. While it sounds simple, a recruiter has to filter through many processes before on-boarding the right candidate for the job.

Right from announcing the availability of a job vacancy to on-boarding a candidate, there are various checks and approvals that are required to have a seamless journey of closing a job opening. It is a process that enables recruiters to understand the candidate pipeline, shortlisting, scheduling, managing background checks, viewing assessments, and of course to zero in where the bottlenecks are and removing them on time. Without the right process in place, valuable time is lost and leads to undesirable moments for both the recruiter and the candidate.

It is in such a situation that one wishes a holistic integrated system that would enable and empower the recruiter to go through the recruitment process seamlessly.

In case, your organization faces any one or more of the following issue, it is a time that you consider using an integrated Applicant Tracking System like RecruitX to optimize your recruitment process. Given below are 8 signs that you need an ATS. 

1. You upload a job posting on multiple sites manually

You keep filling up the job requirements of a particular organization in various web portals and social media manually. It becomes tiresome after a point of time. Not only is it tiresome it also means you lose out on valuable time which could have been spent on interviewing candidates rather than posting jobs to job boards. 

2. You can hardly keep track of the applications from career website

You have a career website/web page where you post all your new jobs manually. But often the job on the career page does not get updated on time or expired jobs don’t get deleted on time. To make matters worse, you keep getting candidate applications to these jobs, but don’t have a way to organize the resumes you receive from the career page. 

3. You log in to job board and social media sites to track applications

You have to download the resumes of candidates who have applied for the posted job on job boards manually. It is not just the portals that you need to browse, but also the social media platforms like Linkedin which serve as an excellent platform to reach out to potential candidates. The response time in such sites is far quicker than traditional web portals. You just wish that a guardian angel appears to help you keep track of all applications from a job board and social media platforms without manually logging into them. 

4. Inconsistency in updating Candidate information

Ever wondered, “How did that happen?”, “How can I commit such an error?” A tired mind can do wonders. It makes you believe that you are in control and everything is perfect. Even an error slips through your eyes. Such fatigue is common when multiple forms have to be uploaded using an equal number of software. For example – In a manual update of a manager’s feedback of an interviewed candidate, human error can play its part. There can be instances where the candidate is shortlisted but is shown as rejected. 

5. Too much of Manual intervention

You have to filter the resume through multiple layers to update the information, which can sometimes result in either skipping a process or repeating a process leading to invaluable time loss. If you are using Excel for certain recruiting functions, it can result in lots of tedious activities. Although Excel is a great tool, tracking and filtering the candidates through a separate tool requires manual effort. But a manual process can be a double-edged sword that can make you lose track of candidates and lose your bearing when it comes to recruiting talented pool. It also takes a lot of time to fill in the data entry work. For managers and executives, you will require reports that will require lot more time in terms of compilation and collection of data which can be done efficiently using an effective ATS like RecruitX. 

6. No analytical metrics on candidate and recruitment process

Proper analysis is the backbone of any process. But unfortunately, little thought is given to how much time a recruiter spends in on-boarding a candidate. Possessing a thorough knowledge of this process helps in efficient execution. While one may have an idea of the time spent, a scientific analytical data will help not only in making the process efficient but also provide insights into issues that may not be noticeable otherwise.

7. You dabble in different software for different metrics

Thanks to technology, today we have different software catering to different needs. This proves to be a nightmare for some of the recruiters. It is a tedious, yet a confusing process that may result in fatigue of the resource, resulting in errors. Having a holistic approach and integrating the various requirements of a recruitment process is much-needed. 

8. You struggle with Vendor Management

Recruitment consistently calls for large number of resumes to maximise the chance of finding the best talent. At times, this means subcontracting and or hiring vendors. Hence, there is a need for a dedicated module to manage the submissions of candidates from these vendors. If you are struggling with respect to this, then it is a sure sign to look for an ATS with an integrated Vendor Management System.

With Application Tracking System (ATS) you can have the advantage of streamlining your entire recruitment lifecycle to leverage available resources and thereby ensure the recruiting team acquires the best possible talent in the shortest possible time. There is minimal manual intervention and everything can be tracked. The trail of this audit begins right from posting the availability of position till the onboarding process. This serves as a record which can be retrieved and analyzed at any given time. Thus, making the recruiting experience more cohesive and consistent for the recruiter, candidate and the organization/managers alike.

RecruitX, the ATS from Talentnow, provides world class features that can fulfill all the above requirements and more. 

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