A Day in the Life of a “Killer” Recruiter!

Thought I would share a bit with the Corporate HR world on how far we go to deliver the right Candidates to our Clients and what we do day in and day out to close candidates. A member of my recruitment team had to break down the numbers as to why the $83k/yr job was not as valuable as the $70k/yr role. Yes he pulled him away from the current opportunity and re-close him on the role that in the end was more suitable. I used the word “Killer” to dramatize the blog J ... But really to emphasis the high level skills found in the Recruiter to deliver this candidate to our client...

It so happens that closing this candidate was all about how the numbers broke down for each role and how it benefited him and his family in the end.


Here is a quick break down for you of the 2 positions and how they compare.

Company A (Where you work!)

Assuming you work 40 hours per week every day…:

($40/hr X 40 hrs/week = $1,600.00)

($1,600.00/week X 52 weeks/year = $83,200.00)

(2,080 hrs per year at $40/hr)

Company B ( My Client)

(35 hrs/week X 49 weeks/year(3 week paid vacation) = $70,000.00)

(1,715 hr per year at $41.06/hr)

So basically the break down is this:

If you work every day and every hour at Company A for a year you will make a total of $83,200/year.

This means that you will be working an extra 15 days or 120 hours at Company A (no paid vacation) AND an extra 32.5 days or 260 hours because of the 35 hour/week at Company B vs 40 hour/week at Company A.

So you will work an extra 47.5 days or 380 hours at Company A/year.

As far as distance goes……

Your house to the Company B is 15km each way and your house to Company A is 45km each way.

If you were to drive to Company A every day you are required to work, you will be driving a total of 23,400km a year (90km each day X 260 days/yr).

If you were to drive to the Company B every day you are required to work, you will be driving a total of 7,350km a year (30km each day X 245 days/yr).

You will save 16,050km per year !

I don’t know what kind of car you drive but that is a considerable amount of GAS, $ AND time spent in your car. You will make more at Company A but you will have to work and extra 47.5 days or 380 hours to do so.

Ask your wife if she thinks that spending an extra 380 hours a year (NOT EVEN INCLUDING DRIVING TIME) at home with your family might be worth it. Company B actually works out to a better rate per hour than than Company A.

The real kicker is that you will work CONSIDERABLY less, you will work closer to home and you will have an even BETTER work/life balance at Company B ….

I have included the job description below for you to look at and to tell me what you think.

The candidate in this example accepted the role at that’s right Company B ….

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Comment by Barbara Goldman on March 2, 2010 at 7:40am
The offer is so complicated.

You are right. There are many ways to look at the offer. And, it's not just dollars and cents.

In our office, when we receive an offer, everyone stops. Every recruiter involved in the placement (In my office there could be four) meets to discuss how to present the offer.

I have a lot of stories about offers being e-mailed to candidates, faxed, mailed, left on voice mail, etc. That's when we didn't make the placement.

Our client's offers are precious. Our client is sincere. So many offers are turned down because they aren't understood. Or, strangely, I've seen offers that weren't understood actually be offensive to candidates.

Great work! We just placed a pharmacist who has to pay back a 20K to his employer to leave. He didn't receive a 20K bonus, this was tuition reimbursement. He spent 14 years with the employer, and has been working off the PharmD tuition that the company contributed.

He is not only paying back the 20K out of his own pocket to leave his employer, he is taking 10K less per year. Why?

Opportunity knocked, he opened the door.
Comment by Paul Alfred on March 2, 2010 at 7:59am
Thanks for the feedback Barbara - actually this was not an offer this was an explanation made directly to the candidate as to why the candidate should leave his job for less money ... We had to get him in front of the client ... We train our recruiters to close candidates long before they even see our client or an offer ... The offer came later - which was pretty straight forward...


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