A January Unlike Any Other - 2011 - The Year of Recruiting Success's Brightest Beacon

The time has come.  It will be a year unlike any I have seen in my life to date.  So full of hope, so full of promise, and with an incredible amount of opportunity.  This picture shows one of my favorite places in San Jose.  Belgatos Park.  It is here on a hill before you reach a San Jose Mountain known as Mt. Umuhnum, you can turn around, and find the beauty that propels you to incredible moments of inward focus.

This is the year my 2nd baby is coming to join my family, and on January 19, I will have the privilege of seeing my wife's scheduled c-section - and bringing my new baby boy into the world.  Words cannot express how blessed I have been.  I am coming off one of the most successful months of my career in December with 7 staffing placements.  It would have been 8, or possibly 9 but I had some fall offs, a gentleman that started and than accepted another offer after working at my client for 1 week.  But he was the exception rather than the rule.


It has been a shaky economy, that has retransformed how individuals do their jobs, look to connect with colleagues, and move forward in their careers.  Every career has it's dynamic moments, and ups and downs to be certain.  But when a person puts forth their best efforts they start to live life with so much more purpose as to start really nailing the obstacles and finding hope within the journey.


Starting in 2007 through 2008, and reaching it's zenith in 2009, the economy has stretched individuals, and families to their limit.  These fluctuations, couple with a more competitive business climate than ever before has lent itself to people and individuals reinventing themselves. 


It is a time that will be remembered in history for the days it gave individuals challenges, but I know it will be a time where people remember how people overcame the challenges of economic uncertainty, and raised their best selves to become something incredible.


As I view the very picture that was taken from a place where I have made so many important decisions.  Where I can look down on the "valley of the heart's delight", where the song - "Do You Know The Way To San Jose?" still rings in my ears.  Where the Silicon Valley goliaths of Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Cisco, Apple, and many more all have their headquarters.  It is the year where the economy is showing a bit of promise, and where staffing will once again be the place to hang one's hat.  It is time my fellow staffing professionals, to get the ball rolling, this will be the year to have your Social Networking Web 2.0 presence be the magnet that pulls the right candidate to the forefront.  This is going to be a fun year to work at my company netPolarity, we are poised to make a HUGE impact on the scene, and the talent is ripe for making a major contribution to our community and to the nation as we help great candidates rejoin the labor force, and offer great value to our clients.


I am at a stage where the structure of my company's business has transformed - and with great changes, we have already felt the movement of success, moving towards us steadily.  This week as my Account Executive who oversees our new team structure, ask us to list our personal goals, and then gave us a challenge to seek out and make a financial goal, to challenge our very inward idea of what success is, and redefine it, reinvent it so that we can shoot for something higher than we previously thought possible.


With so many opportunities, it does appear the likelihood will be we continue to hire both internal staff, but also work hard to fill our client's roles quickly and efficiently. 


And so it is a time so unlike any other.  With so many opportunities, and an incredible work place it will be a year I will definitely remember.  Our time has come as staffing industry professionals to find work for exceptional candidates.  In this climate, skill marketing candidates once you have identified talent is a major opportunity. 


It is my opinion that the staffing industry is going to be a wonderful place to work, grow, and make a difference.  It is an important time to reconnect with your inward drive for greatness, and that will be the ultimate determinant for how we as staffing professionals rise to the challenges. 


It trully is going to be a January I will never forget.  And it will be a time where I will find success. 


May your New Year be bright and full of promise.  Let's make every effort to help job seekers find their hope once again.  Time to forge ahead and make a difference.  It is the year of the recruiter - starting in Silicon Valley and working outward as the economy improves, recruiting/staffing will be at the source of the economic recovery.  Cheers to 2011, and Cheers for the most wonderful profession in the world - Staffing and HR.

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