A New Day, A New Dawning, A Fresh Look - Staffing is About FACING YOUR GIANTS

A fresh look, and a new perspective, a new dawning and renewal of continuous zest for life, and an eye on the goal in all scenarios.  There is no secret that life adds a great twist and turn when we least expect it.  But each new day is like a gift.  Mistakes made yesterday can be made a new perspective of.  They can be buried in the wide swath of the past.  Brilliance is not a sometime thing, it is an everytime thing. 


As I arrived home from work this day, I thought how important is it to keep focused, keep moving, keep roaring with hope even when some around you are bogged down in doubt.  It is a focus that needs it's direction in the ever changing and shifting circumstances of folks who say this is not possible, this just cannot be, and the greatness you envisioned not probable, it is when folks keep their eye on the direction of focused course, that success comes.


No matter what anyone says in the world today, you cannot be successful if your beleif is drowned by someone who says to you no.  When you are surely focused, and keep your eye on your inward fire, it is with no doubt a thing that needs to be given a restirring arousal of passion on any given day.


Bear this in mind.  Each moment, each endeavor, brings with it, a unique opportunity to give of one's greatest value.  Now here is the ultimate test of faith - how will you propose to stand firm and true, when everyone around you is in the mire of self pity and doubt?  What of it?  There is a fine line between loss of direction and a passionate resolve.  It is like night and day.


Vince Lombardi once wrote: 


"The will to win, the will to succeed goes dry and arid without continuous renewal."


I have given this quote some serious and very focused thought.  This very week, I reached out to the local Dale Carnegie program, and with it, was invited back to be a Dale Carnegie Coach, the timing couldn't be any better, and more profound.  And so it is, I needed it.  Welcome home again to the program as a Graduate Assistant that I can rise back into my own again.  Welcome to a good peace within.  The quest for greatness will be recaptured.  The dawning of a new day, and a new renewal, will come as I take upon myself the good direction that comes of such a program.  Welcome home as they say.


I ponder the last 10 years, of college, of a marriage that I had to renew, of a consistent renewal of purpose EVERY DAY.


There is something significant about motivation, it shines like a beacon through a dark sky, certainly, there are no limits to greatness when one realizes the great gift of life to which they have opportunity.


So staffing has as it's own a unique and challenging view.  Nothing can be taken for granted anymore, and it is so important to nail the direction down pat, when all seems arrayed against you like an army.


I take as my direction tonight the story of Danial and The Giant Goliath from the Bible.  Many of you know the story.  It was on a battlefield facing a huge giant, that the challenge was layed that a warrior face the best of the philistines who were arrayed against Israel with a Giant of very challenging size and grandeur.  Amazing. 


I can just imagine it, a man almost 11 feet tall, and facing a boy of minute size who only had a few rocks in a sling.  It was here I couldn't but help but think how intimidating that must have been, yet, Danial with full courage faced the Giant, and made him fall a mighty fall.


This is like life.  No where can one go, and not see the parallels.  A giant of a task, a problem, a perspective comes like a thief in the night, and lays barren a boulder of epic size and proportions.  In such a midst, we can call upon some stones - our family, freinds, neighbors, colleagues, etc and ponder the steps to take to success, that send a huge life size giant hurtling out of our way.


Is it any wonder that greatness can be found in knowledge of one's internal perspective, and once these stones are tossed at the giant, then the obstacle crashes down with a loud thud, and you are on your way to overcoming obstacle after obstacle. 


And so the monumental task is to be open to facing with tenacity and grit your own life giants and taking them down one by one, and then soon enough you make the most amazing outcomes your North Star of success, and to that there can be no greater happiness or satisfaction of beating back and obstacle and taking yourself all the way to greatness, and sound opportunity.


May that always be the case.



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