ADP - 1 Year Recruiting @ One of the World's Most Innovative Companies

It was about this time last year I was wrapping up my final work at an amazing Silicon Valley Staffing Juggernaut - NetPolarity.  I had some incredible feelings pondering leaving one company that I loved for another, and had just turned down 2 other amazing offers to join ADP's staffing ranks on the service recruiting team.

1 year later - that decision has been reaffirmed as one of my best career choices of all time.  In a 1 year time frame upwards of almost 100 hires both internal and external have been professionals that I would proudly say have won my heart.  There have been the tough hiring managers whom have also won me over as they in their own way taught me to become more consultative.  There were those who changed my life and that of my family as those with kind hearts led the conscientious and kindly giving of thoughtful and treasured gifts to help celebrate the arrival of my precious daughter.  There were the candidates who became hires and then challenged me to find staff to fill their growing teams.

There were folks who moved on who I will never forget, there were professionals from all walks of life, and varied professional, technical, managerial and client service skill sets that came to this Innovative company and in turn are now bringing fresh, incredible ideas to the forefront of our changing ADP landscape.

1 year later - on August 6th it will be my 1 year anniversary.  I can hardly believe that fact.  I had told myself that this would be the company that I would strive to retire with, and they have richly rewarded me with amazing new friends, moments I cannot count where powerful hires transformed organizations, and individual lives were changed for the better.  It is a funny thing staffing, it comes back 10-fold as you give your solid best.  100 hires - again internal and external, HR Business Partners whom made a difference, and others who found the direction again in their careers.  Former colleagues whom had joined this amazing company from other spaces, and a remarkable journey that has only begun to tap the tip of the ice-berg on what is to come.

One can learn amazing things about their business in a short period of time, as one learns to be an ambassador for their company, along the way the blessings of career traction, changing lives for the career better, and inspiring others with one's own push to make the mighty winds of change move them forward.

I think back to the powerhouse of NetPolarity - the Silicon Valley firm that came to give me so much and laid a foundation of success to my staffing knowledge.  Without them, I would not be as tech savvy as I am today or better said have the firm foundation to be assertive, confident, and passionate about what I do.  My old boss Mark Tortorici recently presented at Talent 42.  As a net result a great video (a joke) went viral with a music video of sorts, showing NetPolarity staffing wizards showing themselves with their hair down a bit.  It was when a social media roundup email found it's way to my ADP inbox - put out by our staffing team, that to recently see reference to my old company caused me to think - Wow, I have been a part of all of this.

Our staffing legacy - one of my key candidates the other day mentioned this to me, now a finalist in one of my requirements, and she mentioned something profound that truly stopped me and made me think.  What is our staffing legacy?  What is it that will make us look back proud at accomplishments we have found?  It is the lives we change and the impact we have for other's lives to help them find thier way.  When she mentioned this to me I had to sit back and say that is it.  That's why I get up daily and do this staffing job daily, that's why I wake up in the morning and go again to gut out a few more screening/networking calls, and see and find another 20 resumes and leads.  This is why I do what I do.  My staffing legacy. 

As one sits back with a sigh of relief - proud of the place you find yourself, in one of the most blessed professions of our time, and one of the most important, it is staffing through and through that defines us.  A Staffing Legacy.  That's a remarkable thing.

I have in this past year seen colleagues whom have found their way, others who weathered the economic storm, and pushed forward with all they had.  I have one colleague on our staffing team whom has been with our company for 30 years.  When she speaks I listen, when I hear her ideas I smile.  She often speaks of where the company has been, where it has gone and where it is going, and her perspective in HR, Staffing and long-term knowledge of human nature bring great wisdom and perspective to this profession.  It is pondering her legacy - nearly 1,500 hires, that one can only ponder and say wow.  Think of the lives we can touch, change, and remarkably impact for good in our companies as we recruit for the best and the brightest and find the needle in the candidate haystack, or the golden candidate that is the life blood of the business - the enthusiastic new hire.

It is in the span of one year - many lives have been changed, where some of my candidates faced some tragedy yet stuck it through and in the meantime pulled me along for the journey, it is knowledge that, my choices have spanned and created vast amazing and powerful outcomes, that have helped shaped the business.  It is hearing peers, colleagues, and friends remark that they see and acknowledge the contributions that have touched them.  And where they have spoken with literal praise of the experience that brought them happy to be part of something amazing.

It is this legacy that I hope to build upon as I enter year 2 at one of Forbes' "MOST INNOVATIVE COMPANIES".  It is something one can be proud of to be part of.  It is also something one takes pride in that you were part of one quality company - NetPolarity and joined another ADP.

It was also here too where I gained amazing ADP recruiting training through AIRS - The Right Thing - an ADP company and am now blessed to proudly have the "Professional Recruiter Certification".

These are the successful niches of our careers, where we are stretched and taken to the powerful heights not before imagined.  Staffing Karma, Staffing Power, and Staffing grit, all rolled into the space of a year.  And hundreds of satisfied business partners across multiple state lines, and boundaries.  It is this that makes the 2nd year look like I have come to a really remarkable place.  Thank you ADP.  Perhaps if you are reading this maybe you too would like to be part of something incredible?

This post if of my own creation and does not represent the views, opinions or thoughts of ADP in any form - I take full responsibility for it's content and am a proud ADP recruiting associate.

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