Job boards proclaim the promise of making it easy for both employers and employees to find each other.

When built correctly and maintained, job board websites hold true to that pledge. However, not all job boards are worthwhile the time and effort it takes to post or apply for, a job.

As the following article shows, here are the criteria that will help you understand how employers gauge the effectiveness of job boards....

Minimal Ads

Job board websites that are cluttered with popups, banner ads and nuisance surveys chase users away.

There's a huge difference in someone who is browsing the Internet leisurely reading blogs, and another person who needs to fill a vacant position or find employment.

The very fact that either an HR person or a job seeker is visiting a job board site indicates a sense of urgency and focus in purpose.

Dispense with the "in-your-face" advertising on job boards, and you'll be more likely to a) gain respect from users and b) get and keep job board members. Minimal display advertisements that are relevant and tasteful are acceptable.

Ease and Simplicity

Your job boards site style should be intuitive, easy to navigate and simple or minimalistic in design.

Don't press a learning curve on your site users whenever they want to come back to your site because you're constantly moving things around or changing category names.

Sure, web spiders love new content, but that means adding things, not making your site unrecognizable even to frequent visitors.

A better way is to use descriptive headers and sub headers, and to make use of header tags, and alt image titles so web crawlers can identify what your site is about.

Rich Content

Rich content is the stuff that actually helps people do better on their job interviews, gives employers new ideas about finding that ideal candidate, for example.

For your job board site, rich content could consist of embedded videos with interview tips, side boxes with helpful statistics, or footer tips with interview apparel ideas or even coupons for interview clothing.

This is the kind of added content that your job board readers will appreciate, and it's also the kind of content that will help your site rank higher.

Oversight and Management

Any website that is left "unprotected" will fall victim to spammers, hackers, trolls and generally people who seem to have nothing better to do than fill your site up with nonsense.

Check the box on your admin panel that requires all uploads to be approved by a site manager. Otherwise you'll end up with junk postings and comments on your site that will devalue it in the eyes of both employers and employees.

Although overseeing and managing every upload is time costly, it's worth it to ensure your job board’s site offers only authentic job postings and genuine job applications from real people.

When you take the care and attention to make and maintain your job board’s site, you'll find that your organic traffic will increase as your reputation spreads as a useful and successful job board.

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About the Author: Kate Supino writes about best business practices, employee motivation and business marketing.

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