Recruiting Those Mastering Social Media

In a world that is influenced increasingly by social media, it should come as little surprise that knowing the ins and outs of social media can pay off handsomely for job seekers.

As it turns out, the benefits are numerous, starting with the help that social media savvy can provide in finding a job, whether the position itself requires any social media skills or not.

Jobs in Social Media

And then there are career positions that recruiters note call for a social media skill set as an essential job requirement.

Job openings in this category are growing at an exponential rate as more companies find ways to do business better by using social media as a marketing -- and recruiting -- tool.

Thanks to social media, job hunts today are no longer restricted to telephone contact, resumes, cover letters, and face-to-face interviews.

Without hitting the pavement in search of a job, job seekers can lay the groundwork from their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Most social media platforms today provide mobile apps that are downsized versions ideal for use from a smartphone or tablet.

Networking Essential

Networking has always played a critical role in helping job seekers to connect with the recruiters.

But today social media has streamlined the networking process making it far easier to quickly expand one's professional contacts in the industry or field in which they are seeking a job.

Job seekers must stay abreast of current developments by following well-known leaders in their field of interest via Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media forums. At the same time, they can build a network of social media contacts among rank-and-file workers in their profession or field of interest.

Online Resumes, Portfolios

The rise of social media has also provided an easy way for job seekers to create and maintain dynamic resumes and professional portfolios through their social media profiles.

With a few keystrokes, one can update their resume or portfolio by adding the latest relevant information about their achievements, work experience, and interests.

Individuals with well-developed networks of professional or other work-related contacts can quickly get the word out to those contacts when they decide to begin a job search.

Again, with a few keystrokes one can alert their professional network to keep an eye out for openings that may be a good fit for them.

Put Best Foot Forward

Because prospective employers increasingly review the social media profiles of job applicants, job seekers should take care to remove any information that might reflect poorly on them as a candidate.

They should make sure their online profile is an accurate reflection of their previous work experience and education, thus conforming with any printed resume they may have sent to a prospective employer.

As noted earlier, social media is not merely a useful tool for finding a job.

Here's a brief look at how mastering social media can turn into a career in a list of five jobs in which social media skills are essential. These jobs and their salary ranges come from Onward Search's Career Center.

1. Blogger/Social Media Copywriter - As companies attempt to promote their brands via social media, they need relevant content to attract the attention of potential customers. Copywriters supply that content in the form of blog posts, press releases, Facebook posts, and Tweets. In a review of current salaries for copywriters in 20 major U.S. cities, Onward Search says annual salaries for social media copywriters range from a low of $14,000 to a high of $60,000.

2. Social Media Specialist - Comparable in many respects to the editor at a newspaper or magazine, the social media specialist oversees the content on a company's social media platform. According to Onward Search, annual salaries for this position range from $30,000 to $71,000.

3. Online Community Manager - Wikipedia says the responsibilities of the online community manager include building, managing, and growing "online communities around a brand or cause." It's a job that not only requires social media know-how but also an understanding of other online media, such as a corporate website, through which a company or organization can get its message to the public. Annual salaries for this position range from $36,000 to $79,000, says Onward Search.

4. Public Relations/Brand Manager - The brand manager is responsible for analyzing the company's current brand standing, identifying the target audience for the brand, and laying out a strategy to promote the brand's reputation across multiple media. Although the responsibilities of a brand manager extend well beyond the social media forum, anyone taking on that job needs to have social media skills to address that aspect of the job. Current annual salaries for brand managers range from $32,000 to $90,000, according to Onward Search.

5. Social Media Strategist - Responsible for planning the overall social media campaign of a corporation or organization, the social media specialist must envision, supervise, and coordinate a promotional program across multiple platforms. Annual salaries for this position range from $36,000 to $103,000.

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About the Author: Don Amerman is a freelance author who writes extensively about a wide array of business and personal finance topics.

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