Are The Days Of Manual Attendance Gone? What’s Next?

Tracking attendance and time is imperative for all organizations, no matter what their size is or what method they use to calculate the salary. Manual attendance is now becoming a thing of the past as more and more companies are realizing that it is a waste of resources and time. Additionally, calculating the salary and payroll of every employee in the organization manually is bound to result in an error. Due to this, the company might end up overcompensating employees, and this can not only cost the company but also have legal ramifications.

Many organizations have now started using HRMS Software India to save resources and improve efficiency. As companies are becoming more dynamic, optimizing the office successfully becomes more challenging. The rife use of laptop and mobile devices show that many changeable work hours happen inside the office, as well as outside the office. Best HRMS allows a company to maintain a clear image of every employee’s attendance and salary. There are many benefits of automating attendance, such as-

  • Error Reduction

Attendance and payroll software reduces the mundane and tedious task of the HR department of handling every employee’s attendance and payroll manually. Doing such tasks manually usually results in an error. Making all the procedures of attendance and payroll automated reduces error risk and gives a direct and correct result.

  • Leave Management

With an automated attendance system, if an employee applies for a leave, the manager can approve it within seconds after application. Additionally, the manager can see the leave records of all the employees and make a managed schedule. If several employees end up going on leave at the same time, it might disrupt the business. Thus, having the data beforehand makes it easier for the managers to approve leaves and ensure that the business continues to thrive even without an important employee.

  • Cost-efficient

Marking the attendance manually has created a lot of ruckus for many companies. Many times employee fake their attendance or forge for their co-workers’ sign and the company ends up paying the employees more than they are entitled to. This ends up putting a dent in the company’s pocket as well as reputation. By making attendance automated, the employees will get a salary for only the days that they have actually worked and are entitled to. It saves a lot of money for the company by putting an end to buddy punching, absenteeism, time abuse, tardiness, etc.

  • Increased Productivity

Handling and monitoring the attendance of each and every employee of the company can be a laborious, time-consuming, and expensive affair. It takes a while to process time cards and paper sheets, authorize leaves, and create payroll manually. Integrating best HRMS takes away all the trouble of a company by freeing up crucial administrative time by keeping hourly track of employees to importing employee-related data directly into the payroll system. The increased productivity and efficiency help the organization to use its resources to the maximum level and in-turn generate profits for the company.

  • Integration

Any company can optimize and customize the payroll system according to their needs and nature of work. There is numerous attendance system that can be bought by third-party vendors such as a biometric system that comes with a built-in GPS and attendance can be marked through the app, anywhere and anytime. Each attendance shift can be customized with individual configurations, including options to manage attendance cycles, leave deductions, mark in/out rules, and optional holidays.

  • Real-time Tracking

A Cloud-based tracking system for attendance can also provide automated data input for payroll processing. This makes the management of alternative payments easy and makes all the data available and visible in real-time.

  • Reduced Absenteeism

If the employees know that they don’t have an option but to attend the office to mark their attendance otherwise they will be marked absent, they will try to go anyhow. An automated attendance system rules out the option of forging a signature, buddy-punching, etc. This ensures that all the employees come to the office on a regular basis. Moreover, it creates a healthy competitive atmosphere as everyone starts bonding with each other and try to be more productive and efficient than their co-workers.


The companies should realize that even though integrating HRMS Software India may seem like a hassle in the beginning, but it comes with long term advantages. Since maximum organizations are composed of various small activities, handling everything manually is bound to result in errors and missing out on crucial deadlines. Payroll software streamlines attendance management and helps in running the business efficiently and productively. Countless HR companies are catering to such needs now, so what are you waiting for?

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