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How does a Human Resource Management System Fare in a Remote Working World?

Remote work is growing more and more. This is a crucial part of the work culture now. More and more companies are gearing up their operations and setup to facilitate remote work. Irrespective of the adaptation, the HR managers are still figuring out how to handle the employees in the work environment. Many companies learned the importance of HRMS software and things like team coordination during the initial…


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Choosing payroll management software made easy

If you are an HR reading this, I am sure the term ‘payroll management’ would sound scary to you! On the other hand, if you are already using good payroll management software, then I am equally sure that you are thankful that your company decided to opt for it!

Payroll management has been a tough nut to crack since the time of register-based payroll processing. However, times have changed and the modern cloud-based payroll management system far surpasses the…


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Why Should You Choose Cloud HRMS in 2021?

Advances in technology have transformed human resources in the last few decades. We all understand the importance of keeping up with the latest developments. Adapting to new technology can give you an upper hand in the competition. Those businesses that cling to traditional ways not only face a lack of productivity but soon become irrelevant. We no longer deny the important role that advanced technology plays for the firm.

The HR department is no longer home to the endless paperwork.…


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7 Must-Have Features of any Cloud-Based Payroll Software

The Human Resources Management System (HRMS) have advanced a lot in recent years. With the advancement of mobile technology and the internet, modern HRMS have transitioned to the cloud-based architecture of the software delivery model. The latest systems are even taking the help of artificial intelligence, machine learning and even predictive algorithms to help HR manage the most vital part of any company – its employees.

Hence, let us take a look at the top seven must-have features…


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The Role Of HRMS In Shaping The HR World

Over the past year, the world faced a pandemic that no one was ready for. The entire work industry was given no warning and had to change their mode of work to remote, within a week. This shed a light on the importance of the underdogs of every company- HRs. When the house of cards came falling down, the HRs managed to set up the work from home option for employees, within no time. The gems need to be treasured, don’t they? And the best way to make HR’s lives easier is by integrating HRMS…


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Are The Days Of Manual Attendance Gone? What’s Next?

Tracking attendance and time is imperative for all organizations, no matter what their size is or what method they use to calculate the salary. Manual attendance is now becoming a thing of the past as more and more companies are realizing that it is a waste of resources and time. Additionally, calculating the salary and payroll of every employee in the organization manually is bound to result in an error. Due to this, the company might end up overcompensating employees, and this can not only…


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Top 5 Advantages Of Integrating HRMS Software In Your Business

Whether you run a small-scale business, or you manage an MNC, integrating HRMS software in businesses is always a wise decision. There comes a point in every organization when they simply can’t handle the employees’ data manually. Errors are bound to happen, which can overwhelm the HR department.

There will emerge an inevitable need for good HRMS software. There are a plethora of benefits of HRMS…


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Strategic Advantages Of A Leave Management System

Leave management is one of the extremely crucial processes that consume a tiny yet large portion of HR’s time. Approving leaves is a no-brainer, yet does require extreme care. When the HRs are equipped with only traditional tools such as excel sheets, emails, paper forms, etc., navigating the leave management may seem like walking into a minefield. Even the tiniest mistake can cause major repercussions such as payroll processing error, resource crunch, and legal lawsuit…


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How to boost workforce efficiency with online leave management? [HR Guide]

Every organisation dreams of a steady HR management and employee handling strategy. A rock steady leave management and payroll play very important role in workforce management.

Workforce management is not just about keep the desks occupied. Building a proper employee base also requires healthy work culture and up-to-date HR management system. In these days, automation has eaten up the market.

What about an automated employee and HR…


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5 Habits of Successful Employee Management [Expert Tips]

Being a team lead always brings you major responsibilities. If you too manage a team or department, you know the importance of team management and retention very well.

What exactly is Employee management?

Employee management involves a set of practices, which helps employees perform better at workplace with minimum difficulties. The duties include talent hiring, onboarding, payroll, attendance management, retirement, and so…


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How Technology Is changing the Face of HR? [Must Read]

The HR industry is one of the most performing sectors in the nation. With every passing decade, numerous developments can be seen in human resource. Technology can be easily seen moulding the HR department through the years.

It is quarter past 21st century and the technological advancements in HR is no…


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Why leave management system is important for organizations?

Sometimes, employees prefer to take random leaves to avoid a lengthy and complicated process of leave approval. Also, it’s a tedious job for the human resource team to track and store leave details of employees and switching through the reports while processing payroll.

If organizations prefer leave management system, then they can make the process of handling employee leave requests error-free, accurate and quick.

As the process becomes transparent and systematic, then…


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How technology is solving the most annoying thing about recruiting?

Every company tends to have its own ‘Holy Grail’ when it comes to recruitment and staffing, this includes attracting, screening, selecting and on-boarding!

For the past couple of decades, recruitment process was all about finding the candidates, tracking them and hiring them using some old school methods. However, the inception of web technologies such as video marketing (vlogs), blogs, social media, etc. have begun to turn the tables for human resources professionals and…


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How HR technology is tackling the most irritating thing about recruitment?

As a company grows, it requires more workforce to accomplish the increasing number of tasks and meet the demands of its customers. And getting more manpower means hiring new employees. In addition, hiring the best employees is no less than a nightmare for several talent acquisition experts and HR mangers. However, HR managers and hiring experts cannot execute the entire recruitment by their own, as they would certainly require some or the other form technology to achieve the…


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