Are You Applying The Art of Persuasion To Your Staffing / Recruiting Business?

Take a minute to watch this TED Video before reading further.

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If you feel as if your staffing / recruiting business is like playing
a violin in a concert hall, with thousands of adoring fans,

Congratulations ~ You get it!!!

You can stop reading.

For the rest of us….

Now, if you feel as if you are playing on the subway platform to unresponsive clients, here are some questions you should consider:

The video talks about “Logos.” As a Recruitment Professional, when you are talking WITH your Hiring Manager does it make sense to them to use your service? If you’re not sure, maybe you should ask them, why they would need an agency? Believe me, it’s ok not to have all the answers. You might be surprised at how adept you client is in selling your service.

“Ethos.” Are you the expert on building companies with talented people? If so, how are you demonstrating that? We all have vast amounts of knowledge when it comes to candidate availability, salary requirements and even interviewing process. Beyond all of that, the number one way to be the expert is to show your client your well-documented hiring process.

“Pathos.” How are you connecting emotionally with your Hiring Manager? I once had a Recruiter tell me, “It’s not my responsibility to know when my hiring manager gets to work in the morning!” That Recruiter is no longer a Recruiter because he had no vested interest in making any kind of emotional connection with his manager. This lack of emotional connection caused him to be the last person to call when a client needed a Recruitment Professional.

Ensuring you as a Recruitment Professional are truly covering Logos, Ethos and Pathos during a single client visit can be an enormous challenge. Especially, when a client is sitting in their own office, trying to listen to you, while having to fight off the consistent distractions of doing their job. Do your client and yourself a favour by having your client come to your office. Just like going to a concert hall to hear a famous violist, a client coming to your office will put them in an environment where you will be able to convey your expertise. Together you will be able to have a meaningful conversation about hiring for you, the Recruitment Professional.

Have a Great Week!

Rebecca B. Sargeant

The Recruiter’s Coach

P.S. Thanks Dad for the video!

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