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New Anti-Spam Laws Force Recruiters To Pick up The Phone

Anti Spam Law and marketing

As of July 1, the Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is going to taking a real bite out of unwanted e-mail and texts,and it will apply to recruitment professionals and third party agencies worldwide. According to the law, as third party agencies we are organizations selling and promoting a service. We will…


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The ‘Build My Desk’ Challenge Is On…Now WHAT???



When starting a desk from scratch, there are a million things that you could be doing. That list could take you two days or 5 years, it depends on your focus. For the 360 Challenge, I am limited on time, so I will work with what I have: The Curta infrastructure and our market brand.

Curta is branded as a “training company,” specializing in training, coaching, and placing…


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Build Your Desk & Make More Revenue


Since embarking on the path of professional coaching and training, I often hear the old saying that “Those who can’t, teach; and those who can, do.”Now, I’d be lying if I said that this comment didn’t ruffle my feather just a bit, as it implies that I can’t do and therefore I teach. In my…


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Introduction to the Independent Recruiter's Reality

If you have any experience as an executive at a large company, then there are chances you have had exposure to some sort of business coach or life coach. As a Recruitment Professional, we are lucky if we have had access to a coach through our local gym. Even if your average Recruitment Professional had access to a coach, the chances that we would approach them for assistance are probably…


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Time to Shoot the Drama Monster

A lot of recruiting professionals find themselves sidetracked by the Drama Monster.  The Drama Monster presents itself in many forms including, planning a wedding, moving an office, or even making coffee in the morning.

 What recruiters need to remember is that the Drama Monster is self-created and only in your head. The Drama Monster is a beast that relies on…


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Isn’t Time We Played MoneyBall?

By now, I’m sure most baseball fans have seen the movie Moneyball, which is a sports drama based on the Oakland Athletics’ 2002 season and their general manager Billy Beane, played by Brad Pitt. To be honest with you, the movie had never really piqued my interest until a colleague of mine mentioned that what Beane was trying to do with the ailing baseball team is a lot like what I do when I walk into a business as a coach…


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Secrets From Recruiting Veterans

Recently, I held a class for Independent Recruiters and Business Owners.  Three quarters of the class was made up of Recruitment Professionals with more than 25 years of experience working their own desks.  Having access to one or two Recruiters with more than ten years is a treat.  You can imagine my delight when we had several Recruitment Professionals all in one place, willing to exchange…


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Why Do I Market Candidates?

I have a long successful career on establishing profitable business, breaking new industries, and turning a profit when the rest of the recruiting/staffing industry is still trying to recover from any given recession they might be experiencing.   When asked how I consistently do this with repeated success, I explain   “I Market Candidates.”    

Here are some of the reasons why I market candidates:…


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Reluctant to Call it Call Reluctance

I often get questions from recruiters in regards to making phone calls; in fact I just received a call from Vince asking how I deal with call-reluctance. While you can’t change the reaction of the person on the other end of the phone, you can change how you approach making your phone calls to better prepare yourself to positively engage potential…


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Millennials Own A Piece Of Your Brand (AKA Your Company)

Last month I spoke to a group of business owners.  I introduced the 30 million strong Millennial Generation and they all sat back and crossed their arms.  When I explained that they already owned a piece of their brand, many business owners guffaw and told me, “No, they don’t. Oh my God, they are so lazy and entitled, they just want their own way.” 

Think again!

Gone are the days…


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How To Cook A Purple Squirrel

If you have been a Recruiter for any length of time, you have probably been presented with a “Purple Squirrel” by a Hiring Manager.  Proper etiquette deems that we do our best to meet our client’s every need. To be a gracious Recruiter, you will need to have a good recipe to cook up these tough little critters.  Following is the recipe that I use to cook them:

“Hurled of Squirrel…


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10 Reasons Recruiters Need Training

Do you not have time, money or resources to train yourself or your Recruiters? Have you considered where one “lunch and learn” could make you money?  Here are 10 reasons you should always invest in training for your Recruiters and Staffing Specialist:

1. Decrease the need for Micro Management – How often have you or your managers said that they cannot…


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Recruiters Get Up & Move !!!

As Recruiters, I am sure we all could be contenders for the Guinness book for being professional Sitters.  Especially, when faced with a difficult search.  If you are anything like me, when the search is intense I not only give up moving but, I also find myself curling up around our computers and phones.    

To help you and I combat the sitting around blues I have taken Russell Thurston blog Stand Up, Walk Around, Even Just…


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Recruiters Are Finding Success by Climbing TheLadders

A couple of weeks ago I posted that TheLadders is offering Recruiters free access to post jobs and view candidates in their resume database.  Curious about what this could mean to us a Recruiter.  I took some time to assist a select number of my clients to implement TheLadders into the recruiting process.  The feedback from those clients was deafening, hurray!  My clients all reported that they are finding better candidates and connecting with them quicker. 



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Good Bye Bullhorn

Everyone and their brother thinks they can build the next great recruiting tool.  What they all seem to miss is that if you don’t have experience working the recruiting process, you lack the knowledge of what we, as Recruiters, need.  Once in a great while, though, I find a tool that just works.  Those “ah…


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Are You Applying The Art of Persuasion To Your Staffing / Recruiting Business?

Take a minute to watch this TED Video before reading further.

Welcome Back!

If you feel as if your staffing / recruiting business is like playing

a violin in a concert hall, with thousands of adoring fans,

Congratulations ~ You get it!!!

You can stop reading.

For the rest of us….

Now, if you feel as if you are playing on the subway platform to…


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Hey Recruiters ~ GET OUT!!!!

Working the same place, all day, every day causes people to spend too much time in their own heads. Repetitive actions combine with static environment causes ideas to go stale, perspective demolishes and overall productivity goes down. It’s important to the longevity of Recruitment Professionals career not to get caught in this rut. Going out and see clients and candidates…


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Dear Recruiter’s Coach ~ My Bosses Are Married To Each Other

Dear Recruiter’s Coach,

I work as a Recruiter at a small staffing agency for a husband and wife team who do not have the same view on the best way to do things. They disagree on how I should do on everything, from the best way to qualify candidates to how to handle client negotiations.

I am stuck in the middle.

I do not feel comfortable telling them that they need to communicate better…


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The Millennial Recruiter Is Going To Kick Your Ass

Over and over again, and everywhere I look… I am hearing and reading that the 21st Century Workforce is going to be demanding, “flexible hours and flexible work arrangements.”  If you think Corporate America is not ready for it, I’ll let you in on a little secret…Staffing and Recruiting Agencies who have access to the latest…


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LinkedIN says: “Our Solution isn’t for You.”

Recently, I received a call from the top notch sales team at LinkedIn with an “amazing offer.”  They wanted to share with me a special tool that was only offered to Corporate Recruiters.  They further explained that it was being offered to “select third party recruiters.”  Hitting all the right buttons a sales person should, I of course jumped at the chance to hear about this silver bullet and booked an appointment. 


Like a kid waiting for a new toy, I imagined all the things…


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