Are You Educated on Recruiting the Best Teachers?

Taking into consideration how things have changed in the recruitment of teachers (tougher background checks, salary and health benefit issues, etc.), how can recruiters best find and place quality teachers? What does it take to recruit the best teachers in today's world?

Here are at least some qualities and techniques that are needed.

Be a Headhunter

In her recent book, "The Mathematics of Love," author Hannah Fry discusses the statistics of getting and making the best choices.

Whether considering a choice of love interests or a choice of candidates for a job, Fry explains (in mathematical terms) that the person who makes the first move always gets the premium choice.

To translate this theory into recruitment for teachers, it makes sense that - to gain the advantage in the selection - recruiters shouldn't wait for teachers to approach them.

Rather, recruiters need to take more of a headhunter manner, actively seeking out their ideal candidates where they are, and luring them to the new job post even while that teacher may hold an existing position in a school.

Use the Best Technology

New technology can help your recruitment team achieve its goals.

If you've been keeping up with the industry, you'll understand that mobile access is critical for both candidates and recruiters, that superior recruitment companies are all using an open talent acquisition suite, and that candidate relationship management tools are becoming standard.

Investing in technology that impresses teacher candidates is the optimal way to show your recruitment company's prowess over your competitors.

Use Your Words

Teachers are always mouthing the importance of using language for expression.

As a recruiter looking for teachers, you can use words to get the message out about whom you're looking for, and why.

LinkedIn has a professional recruiter service that your organization should be using to announce to qualified teachers your open job leads.

Your Facebook page should be enticing and interesting to potential teacher candidates, and you should be posting regularly about the benefits of choosing your recruitment firm.

The more you talk about your opportunities, the more likely it is that your ideal candidates will come looking for you.

Look in Unlikely Places

As the following article, “My Mint Story: How I Ditched My Second Job and Focused on Teaching” shows, great teachers sometimes have to take second jobs in order to make ends meet.

You might find your next teacher candidate serving drinks at your neighborhood bar, waiting tables at your vacation resort or coaching your kids on how to play soccer.

The more open you are to the possibilities of finding great teachers anywhere, they less surprised you'll be when you discover your dental hygienist is also a highly accredited teacher who is looking for work.

Recruiting the best teachers requires intelligence, patience and cleverness.

If you master these skills, you'll get straight A’s on your teacher recruitment test.

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About the Author: Kate Supino writes extensively on recruiting practices and methods.

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