Attract Interns with Video Interviewing

It's summer, and interns are a commodity hot on HR's mind. Internships can do wonders for any business' employer brand. The type of community outreach that cultivates young talent and gives them a foot in the door says a lot about a company. When an internship program offers the intern applicable tools and skills, it creates a great opportunity for growth. Everyday,technology lends us more and more opportunities to engagewith, and attract internship candidates. One of our favorite ways to attract these potential interns is with video interviewing, and here's why...

Technology is like a Welcome Mat to an Intern

Unless you're dealing with Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson applying for a Google internship in their 40's, you will be screening candidates in their teens and 20s. This generation of workers cherishes technology. They grew up on the “cloud”. Technology is native to them, and it's what makes them comfortable. By offering video interviewing, you are letting these young bucks know that your company embraces technology. This is a very attractive feature to tech savvy internship candidates. And isn't that what you want? Offering video interviewing says, “We know you love your technology, and so do we!”

Flash Them Some Company Culture

When you record your interview questions, keep in mind who you want to attract. Perhaps the hiring manager isn't always the best choice to put in front of the camera. It's not set in stone who has to record these questions. This idea here is to portray an image, your company culture. Find the best fit to ensure that that culture translates through the interview. This could include tailored questions that reflect your company vibe, what the interviewer wears and their surroundings. It is easy to display company culture in these video interviews if you're thoughtful and deliberate about it.

Save Everyone Some Time

This is a generation that orders their cereal off of Amazon Prime. Above is mentioned a love of technology, this generation prizes their time, precious time. They grew up with short-cuts and technology time-savers that make a work-life balance more achievable than ever. These candidates will love the fact that they can take the interview when and where they choose. They don't have to schedule, drive or wait. Not to mention, the same goes for the HR side of this. The hiring team can check out these completed interviews when and where they choose, thanks to the wonderful world of mobile.

Keeping Up with Your Candidates

This younger generation of interns is not used to traditional interviews, and it's likely not something that this generation will have to deal with. Video interviewing is on the rise for so many time-saving, money-saving reasons. It will soon be the way of the HR world. These candidates don't like to talk on the phone, they order Jimmy John's on their iPads, and shopping is done through an app. Video interviewing is the perfect way to keep up with this new technology lifestyle.

Adding an intern to your team can be beneficial to the intern as well as their mentors. Video interviewing is the perfect way to scout and sign these interns. Technology, convenience and a stage to showcase your company culture are just a few of the reasons that video interviewing is so effective at attracting these young interns. A well-planned video interview can mean far more than a great intern, it can ultimately mean a great full-time employee. 

photo credit: Brian Lane Winfield Moore via photopin cc

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Comment by Stephen Smith on July 3, 2013 at 4:37am

Lovely piece, Angela. I've been a huge advocate of using contemporary tools to engage with the younger segments of the employment market.

These prospective interns are predominantly tech-savvy, and may appreciate - if not expect - to be solicited in that manner. Plus companies who adopt tools such as Google Hangouts can enjoy significant SEO benefits as a by product.

Comment by Angela Yu on July 30, 2013 at 12:07pm

@stephen Thank you! I appreciate your response.

Comment by Patrick Beggan on July 31, 2013 at 10:42am

Thanks for linking our video interviewing infographic in the article, Angela! Attracting interns with video interviews is something we as a video interviewing platform definitely support. (We even created an eBook on the very subject.) The benefits are clear: Video interviews are easy to coordinate around the class schedules and hectic lives of the best intern candidates. And as an additional bonus, video interviews are likely to attract tech-savvy candidates looking for companies willing to push boundaries and step outside the box.


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