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How to Avoid a Bad Hire

Last week we ran a post on the cost of a bad hire. We're all aware of what a bad hire can do to productivity, office morale and the bottom line, but how do we avoid the bad hire? There are a lot of posts warning recruiters and hiring managers about the costs associated, but this has done little…


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The Cost of a Bad Hire

small__2775484669 Bad hires, they’re everywhere. It’s a seemingly impossible to avoid mistake that many of us have made or have been victim to. Whether they quit, or they are fired, a bad hire costs the company a lot of time and money. While every company and position therein will differing costs associated with a bad hire, the U.S. Dept. of Labor has estimated that the average cost is about 30% of the employee’s first-year potential earnings. So if that …


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Branding Through Video Interviewing

A company’s brand is who they are and what sets them apart. There are probably thousands of other companies in most industries, but there are only a handful of names that people will recognize. They will recognize those names because of clearly defined and successfully promoted branding. Even if a company offers the exact same services or products as the other guy, the company with the established brand will always do…


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Work-Force Science: What is it?

small__4416036998 An emerging field called work-force science is flipping the script on what we think we know about candidate predictors. Work-force science is best described in a NY Times article: “It adds a…


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Video Interviewing is here to Stay

small__4812251385 Video interviewing hit the sourcing and hiring scene with a bang. Tech tools that are actually relevant, useful and cost effective tend to do that. Video interviewing has made a big name for itself in the HR and recruiting space. When tools like this come along that save so much time and money, with little investment and training needed, professionals will grab on tight.

According to a PGI infographic, in the last two years, the use of …


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How Video Interviewing Fills Urgent Physician Positions

small__6793817419 Time-to-fill and its associated costs are always on the minds of recruiters and hiring managers. The longer it takes to fill a given position, the higher the costs get. Productivity goes down, jobs are impeded and it can feel like everyone is breathing down your neck. Time-to-fill becomes even more important when…


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Professional Networking is Getting Better: LinkedIn Mac Integration

Good news for all you Apple-loving, HR folks! Last month at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Fransisco, keynote speaker, Craig Federighi announced that LinkedIn will be integrated into the newest version of OS X, called OS X Mavericks. It was pretty great when they integrated Twitter, but now they’re …


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How to Efficiently Hire Outside of Your Industry

Hiring outside of your industry can be a tricky move. This idea might meet some opposition, as these employees will require more time and on-boarding training than a simple transfer within the industry. However, the perks of hiring on an outsider are well worth the resources spent training them. 

These hires can bring a fresh …


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Stand Out with a Video Resume

Video resumes are becoming an extremely popular way to stand out from the crowd. They are easy to make, and they showcase a candidate’s creativity and tech skills. When used correctly, a good video resume can shoot you straight to the head of the pack.

We have embraced video to the fullest. Why read when you can watch! Over 1/3 of web traffic comes from …


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The Virtual Resume 101

The virtual resume is about standing out in a sea of candidates. By creating a virtual resume, you are showing employers that technology is your friend, you know how to use it, and be creative with it. This is a huge selling point. But for a lot of job…


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How to Prepare Your Internet Resume

It’s no longer as simple as typing up a resume and faxing it in. The virtual considerations that now go into the job hunt cannot be overlooked. To stay competitive in your job search, you need to consider how technology plays into that search. There is far more to consider now that we have virtual footprints everywhere. Getting ready to look for a new position now comes with a few more…


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What You Need to Know Before Hiring Millennials

Millennials come with a few stereotypes. They are said to be lazy, self-centered and flighty. Obviously, generalizations like these don’t tend to hold up. Millennials are entering the workforce in mass. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, today, …


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Attract Interns with Video Interviewing

It's summer, and interns are a commodity hot on HR's mind. Internships can do wonders for any business' employer brand. The type of community outreach that cultivates young talent and gives them a foot in the door says a lot about a company. When an internship program offers the intern applicable tools and skills, it…


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Top 5 Most Inventive Internship Ideas

In this competitive talent atmosphere, finding the top talent can often start with an internship. And internships are not what they used to be. Social media, technology and a push for positive change have all affected the work force. In order to keep up with …


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Guidelines for Hiring an Intern

This is the latest in the Intern Series that we've been running this summer. In this installment, we hear from an intern, Zoe Schiffer at one of our favorite companies, InternMatch.

Before you begin recruiting topnotch interns it is important to determine what you want out of them. Great work? Or great…


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Landing College Talent with Video Interviewing

small__6761027605 These younger candidates are looking for technology, flexibility and guidance in their candidate experience. You can offer them all of the above with video interviewing. In fact, quite often, this new generation of workers will choose these things over monetary compensation. Attracting talent, means knowing what they're looking for.

Lure Them In…


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Employer Branding without a Motion Picture

small__4259789467 Company's dedicated largely to HR, should be excited for the new Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn movie, The Internship, that came out this past weekend. These two 40-something, tech illiterate Joe's are vying for a much coveted internship with Google. If their employer brand wasn't awesome enough, this movie made Google the employer of the century.

Viewers get an inside look at the perks of being a Google employee. We see slides, nap pods,…


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The 3 As to Ace-ing an Interview

Being prepared for an interview is one of the most important aspects of the job hunt. If for no other reason than not wasting time, you should take the interviewing process seriously. You have spent time and energy on the job hunt and the HR side has spent time and money setting this interview up. Taking steps to ensure a smooth interview is just another bullet in your…


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What Recruiters Should Know About Summer Internships for 2013

It's summertime in the city (or country as the case may be) and you know what that means? Interns! Interns are a huge part of the workforce and we want to celebrate them. We're kicking off a series of guest blog posts from all kinds of intern experts where we'll cover internship programs, how to assess an intern, the places to go online to find…


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Video Interviewing - Is Seeing Believing?

Video is taking over. This week on a Recruiting Trends webinar, Maren Hogan and Joel Cheesman shared some pretty astonishing statistics about …


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