Fact: Human mind and resultant desires/ interests vary as per situations/ opportunities held out to it. As a committed recruitment consultant, I have always instilled this ‘fact’ in my mind; while I recommend or recruit. Situations are beyond control of the one who is confused with himself – he does not know what to do with himself and/ or the situation he is in. He may be looking smart, well qualified, capable, knowledgeable, industrious, skilled – all of this and more – does not make sense if he or she cannot make up his mind. His actions are not focused and such candidates I do not want !! It would be wasting my time as well as wasting the opportunity I have. I can give the same career opportunity to someone else who is deserving.

As a recruitment consultant – his or her primary responsibility is to complete the jig saw puzzle. He has to fit the right piece in the right place with foresight, patience, hard work and on time. And, in order to do that, he or she should have a ‘crystal clear’ mind that is focused, well timed, patient and it should lead to a rightful perception of what is ahead. Many candidates as well as consultants do not have this ability to foresee what they want from a situation. While talking to a candidate I am not only interested in knowing what is he? I am more interested in knowing what he wants to be? And, is he working towards it? If you do not have a destination, you will surely reach nowhere! Some consultants are not taking pride in what they do. They are short-sighted, looking at short term gains.

I recruit for a education & training large MNC based in Mumbai. I can tell you the recruitment process here is ‘rigorous’ coupled with salary constraints. I have gleaned through hundreds of CVs and shortlisted plenty. And my client has rightfully appointed the best who have joined and they say they are happy with me; grateful to me for having given them the right opportunity matching their career goals ! I can ‘feel’ their gratitude for me in their words, behavior! But, my clients include small enterprises too. My approach is different here. I study the organizational culture first and explain in clear terms to my client – ‘I am interested in the right fit, not necessarily the best.’ This is a smaller/ mid size system integrator company and here too, the process is drawn out and lengthy to get the right fit. And, what is the use in winning the battle and losing the war? Getting the candidate to join is easy but will he stay put? So, it calls for honesty – with myself, with the job applicant and with my client.

Employers have a large role to play in aiding the recruitment consultant to succeed. my recommendation : Do not be hasty and do not expect ready-made solutions at the drop of the hat. There are none like that available ! Even if the consultant is taking time that is justifiable, please wait. And study the recruitment consultant well before giving him the task to recruit – does he have relevant experience, commitment, mind-space, sincerity, maturity, foresight, warmheartedness to deliver the magic you are looking for? Many a time, employers have too many recruitment consultants on their panel! That does not help them because they cannot do justice to any one of the consultants. Select and choose; insist on quality!

A successful recruitment consultant has a dual responsibility – guiding the candidates to their career opportunities as well as being a ‘committed and dependable’ consultant to his client company.

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