This is a repost of an earlier post I did. This report is by request from numerous people so here we go


For those of you that have been following me, you know whenever I post about lesser sites, I always say at some point use your social detective skills. Well while I Have spoken about it, showed it, and perhaps did a video about it, I never wrote about it, so here we go.

Being a Social Detective means following the bread crumbs where they lead by using the information available to connect to other social data to create as complete a picture of the target as you can. Yes, I said target. You need to remember that you are a Social Detective and detectives have suspects that they target to find out more about.

So the information you are looking for that can help you to find more comes in 2 main categories:

Level 1 - mainstream information such as full name, email, title, company, phone, address, etc. Of course any combinations as well.

Level 2 – non-mainstream information such as username, picture, URL, conference, site found, skill, etc. Of course any combination of these as well.

So for example let's say you x-ray into You find a list of attendees to a Java Conference. Some have all the info you need, some have some Level 1s others have some too limited level 2 information. What do you do with level 2 which will be where you make your hay as a Social Detective. So we will focus on level 2.


  1. Open up the bio.
  2. Look at the URL for more information. Sometimes level 1 information can be found there
  3. Look up a username on various tools that can be found on the SSaR page.
  4. Use google image search on image adding whatever info you have to the search.
  5. Google search username
  6. Google search conference
  7. Remember Bing as well you might be surprised.
  8. Use other social sites to cross-reference.

If you do all this and gather all the info you find you will more than likely end up with a pretty complete picture or at the very least enough other bread crumbs to find more.

This is what being a Social Detective is. You need to be a hunter, you need to be a tracker and follow the trail till you get your prey.

Now it can take time, at least at first but as you do it more and more and get used to what tools to use when, and what to look for, and where you will find it gets faster and easier every time.

You can go here for a video that will show you what I mean. Just do a search or check them all out as they all will step up your social detective skills.




Till next week may the Source be with you.

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