Before getting into the benefits of ATS, let me tell you what an ATS is. In simple terms, an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a software program or tool that helps a recruiter through every step of the process of hiring candidates from job postings, job applications to scheduling interviews, sending automated emails to candidates all the way till choosing the right candidate for the job.

Basically, ATS is the technology that the recruitment industry needs in order to make the work of recruiters more efficient and effective.

Now let's get into the details of why recruiters should get an ATS.

They just should! The answer is simple enough for anyone to understand. Why wouldn’t anyone want their work to be easier! In fact, the purpose of creating any new technology is to make the work we do a lot easier to do. With reference to the recruitment industry, there has been a need for groundbreaking technology for many years. That is exactly what an ATS is.

Given below are a few key reasons why a recruitment agency should have an ATS.

  1. Building a proper database for candidates:- This helps an agency to store their candidates in an organized manner. A good ATS also lets you source candidates from your website & social media directly into your Database.
  2. Resume Parsing:- This helps in efficient pre-screening of candidates through a resume parser.
  3. Contacting the candidates:- Being constantly in touch with your candidates is important but more important is having to remember your discussion in your last conversation. The best ATS’s allow you to attach notes, add call logs & send emails to your candidates so you have all your conversations in one place.
  4. Scheduling interviews:- ATS’s help the recruiters to schedule interviews with candidates easily.
  5. Measuring the performance of the recruiter:- You can only improve what you can measure. With the help of an ATS, you can monitor and evaluate individual recruiter performance objectively.

There are a lot more features of ATS that I can tell you about. But all of those would be meaningless if they did not add value to the work done by the recruiters. The whole point of having an ATS is to make the job of recruiters and agencies easier.

So in simple terms, the benefits of ATS for an agency are:-

  1. TIME-SAVING (Reduces time of hiring process)
  2. COST-EFFECTIVENESS (Reduces cost by automating the process)
  3. INCREASED QUALITY OF HIRE (Increases the quality of candidates hired)

This article doesn’t even scratch the surface regarding what an ATS is or what it can do. All I can hope for is that you know a little bit more about ATS than you did before reading this article.

For more a more in depth article on benefits of an ATS check out Top 20 Benefits of Applicant Tracking System

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