Best Ways To Increase Employee's Engagement in Sustainability

Numerous business organizations are finally grasping the importance of sustainability and reducing carbon footprint. Even though employees understand the concept, very few implement the idea in practice. Thus, it can be quite a task to convince them to do so. As per recent studies, it has been proved that employee engagement in sustainability results in more productivity and increased financial gain.

Reducing carbon footprint is essential as it has a lot of advantages ranging from a better and healthier lifestyle, less expense, and a clean environment. The main problem lies in convincing the employees and incorporating several sustainability practices in their day-to-day lives. The primary step required to improve employee engagement is educating the employees about the benefits of sustainable culture in the workspace.

Educate about the company's long term benefits

You need to shift your employees' attention towards your company's long-term goals, which are in their best interests. The initiatives might result in reduced expenses, increased productivity, and many more. In this way, their personal values will align with their work duty. The bottom line is if the company runs longer, it will be beneficial for the workers; otherwise, they will quit.

This brings us to the triple bottom line, which takes both profits and the planet's welfare and people into consideration. This method helps to detect opportunities and eliminate risks that would have been neglected otherwise. The employees should not feel like they are slaving away to receive paycheques. The Employees' well-being is equally important, and they should understand work's deeper purpose.

Sustainability presents a better economic situation

Employees need to be educated about the economic benefits because doing good is not the sole driving factor. Money is another primary factor. You need to present how sustainability practices help your organization, such as reducing overall expenditure, generating savings, and using them to expand into new premises, which will generate more revenue, etcetera. These benefits are sure to attract them.

At the end of the day, if the employees witness how practicing sustainable strategies help them financially and morally, it will be an extremely alluring case. Moreover, this will also help your organization gain a stable foothold during times of emergency when you can utilize your savings and save your business. Thus, it ensures two important factors- stable employment and employee retention.

Team building activities

You need to educate your employees about sustainability to gain their approval and coordination in this initiative. For instance, conducting team-building activities might prove to be beneficial. This initiative targets two main motives- active engagement of employees as well as raising awareness and promoting sustainability. This process will make them understand sustainability’s needs. This will act as a catalyst in its implementation.

Be sure to make the learning process as creative as your budgets permit you to, as this is a very essential step. You can hold seminars, webinars, or other educational sessions. You should also take into consideration their inputs regarding the strategies for ensuring sustainability. The direct participation of employees is better than laying out pre-written rules for them to follow.

Participation and Employee engagement in sustainability

Every single member of the organization needs to be on board for the successful implementation of sustainability. This includes members of every rank from the CEO to the rank-and-file employees. What's more, the CEO is also responsible for guidance and providing resources, whereas the employees are the people who are supposed to implement the ideas. Thus, they depend on each other.

Build team spirit through healthy competitions

One of the most creative and effective ways of educating about sustainability is through fun competitions. This ensures maximum engagement of the employees, and the initiative is accelerated due to fun rewards. For instance, you can offer rewards such as office picnics or sports games if the employees successfully manage to reduce waste emissions or energy intake by 20 percent.

Track sustainability updates

As mentioned before, educating your employees about the significance and benefits of sustainability is essential. However, all of this is of no use if you are not taking any action regarding this. Taking action and sharing visible results is an important step in transforming employees’ practices. The solution is to make clear goals, work on them, track and share the results.

Make sure to showcase the track records and results with all the employees of your organization. You can share it regularly during meetings, on company groups and intranet, etcetera. This helps them understand what they are doing and how it is affecting the organization and their lives positively. Do not forget to celebrate on clearing your checklist to raise the spirits.

Follow these steps to ensure Employee engagement in sustainability

Start implementing these strategies in your organization and form a green team. A green team is an accumulation of all the employees who come together to promote and practice sustainability. Considerable changes will take a significant amount of time, so do not lose patience. These steps will ensure the growth of your organization, the stability of your employees, and make a difference.

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