Better Economic Times plan for it, ...Employment Planning 2011 , a How to.

Vacation Plan for it, Better Economic Times Plan for it, Promotion Plan for it, Increased labor demand; plan for it. Here are some tips on how you can make a difference and get the things you want by Planning. Turn your Economic Worries into Action.

How would you like to lighten your workload while improving your and our team’s overall performance in 2011? Sound too good to be true? Well it is within your grasp.

When I asked Account managers across the company what their pain points are all but one responded: too much administrative steps and not enough time. When I asked what took up much of their time they said entering data or checking systems or fixing resource related items. When I asked GMs or OMs what kept them up at night, most responded not having the people to do the work in time. Hmmmmmmmm, got me thinking seems how could I help them? Sounded like a lot of worry and too little time. Let me ask you what I asked them. What are you doing about it?

What you do about it is the answer to your needs. You can continue with the status quo and you will continue to be worried. My suggestion: plan for it or plan for its improvement.

Tips on how to turn a Worry into an Action with planning.

Do Plan for help. An economist at MIT once said “Work smarter not harder” When I interviewed him in college (UMass not MIT ;-) I asked him if we didn’t have tools (socio-economic disadvantage or capital …) then how could we work smarter comparatively and not work harder than the next person. He answered Plan for it.

You might not know what you will need tomorrow but plan for everything from help with that need to time disadvantage. Contact your team, mentors or clients let them know the future is unforeseen but you are thinking of them and would like to utilize their help in the future, or gain insight to their schedule so you know when best to contact them for a sale, questions, meetings or help. Let Delivery, Sourcing and Finance know what areas are pain points or potential risks so they are prepared to help. Ask for their help, communities help. Ask leadership to deliver support or plan for support in cycle times you know may be lean. Also Plan to work with others and help them.

Do help to Plan . Budget and Revenue planning is usually mandatory in organizations. Look at the US Government Budgets currently a huge focus consumed recent US Elections. However have you thought about Resource Planning and Succession Planning as a part of Budget or even a People Centered Economy? I believe that it should be People First, Tools Second, and Revenue is a result of those plans. Think about it. Businesses have people behind them, tasks and systems have people at their creation, implementation and maintenance. Have you worked with Susan Hand for help in Workforce Planning, or your Star Employees to discuss their Plans? Have you reached out to IT and Development to make sure the People goals are priority? Have you contributed to your industry, governing foundations, or Personal Contacts to share your insight to new business or frank discussions on current quality issues? Have you learned, encouraged and promoted and planned for the more courageous Job Creation supply side economics than look to cut opportunity?

Plan to track . In a recent visit to a large customer many folks complained of the time it took to record time from multiple systems. Employees felt overworked and stretched beyond their function. A system for that a data point for this. However, no one could tell me how long it did take to do any tasks, or if the system outages were regular. Likewise some folks had a simple process of an inbox for all the entry stuff and cycle to input it that might be easily transferred to all teams if only we had empowered folks to make the changes or share the information. Tracking errors, accomplishments, and system or process gaps is critical to rectifying those glitches. It can also improve efficiency across the board, and help keep higher margin. A dollar spent at a C level may not mean as much to him as a dollar spent at the entry level role. If we track the time or the gaps we could create new more efficient use of labor. Remember think of everything you do as spending less time doing what you love to do..whether that is a beach on Martha’s Vineyard , a Ski Slope in Austria, or seeing your little girls face light up because you made it home to take her to Father Mac’s Pool. If you start mounting up the minutes it turns to gold.

Do plan to be part of the solution. Don’t take a stand before educating yourself. We are all in this together and to gain a competitive edge we must be part of the solution as a whole. Educate yourself. Don’t be part of the naysayers join together, offer alternatives, make suggestions, be open to consider your neighbor and not only your success. If systems aren’t working or are cumbersome track it, report it, or help review the Plan for additional resources. Think about how what you do everyday impacts the greater whole, whether that is a business, a community, or a family.

Do Plan goals with focus on People: I like to plan according to People first, Tools second and Money third. Set People Goals vs. Solely monetary goals: Examples: Microsoft Technology through People. Or, I would like to invest in star talent to help increase our revenue, innovation, and long term delivery . Politician: I would like to help Mrs. Cunningham down the street feed her children (her husband was lost serving our country) that will take asking for help from the other side of the aisle. If your goal is a job then focus your search on people at the companies you like keeping in mind “a job will allow me to do this for people, or get me stable to work on this”.

Do Plan for Success and Mitigate Risk: Get a Goal and Set it for success. Get courageous take risk and plan around people success. Make sure your goals are relationship based and share the burden to mitigate risk. Diversify ways of achieving the goal and routes to actively accomplish them through people. There is always the unforseen so by diversifying and creating strong communication you will mitigate the challenges. Create milestones and reassess along the way by including all stakeholders. Check in with folks, make it achievable as a whole and widen your concept of inner circle and ask for input from a larger group of resources (it will surprise you what happens when you "take it to the shop floor" ). Imagine actually being able to plan client visit by concentrating on people and focusing on what you and the client can both gain in advantage together. Yes the money follow but I bet you your relationship and sales increase to a new level. Set your goal in the positive, connect them with people and plan for you and others to succeed. Don't compare --just rejoice that not only you but others are enjoying success. Don't be fool hardy-- make sure you mitigate risk. People can disappoint at times so sharing the burden will help mitigate risk. Success is only key if you can share it and if it matters so Plan to share and Matter.

Good luck to all in your planning days!

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