A company’s brand is who they are and what sets them apart. There are probably thousands of other companies in most industries, but there are only a handful of names that people will recognize. They will recognize those names because of clearly defined and successfully promoted branding. Even if a company offers the exact same services or products as the other guy, the company with the established brand will always do better.

Branding should be seen throughout every engagement with the candidate. From the company site to the interview process, the company’s brand should be communicated loud and clear. A reported 59% of companies use their career website to display their brand, why not carry that on to the interviewing process? There are a lot of missed opportunities to display the company brand and interviewing should definitely not be one of them. A Harvard study concluded that 80% of employee turnover can be attributed to a poor hiring process. Creating a more thoughtful hiring process starts with incorporating the brand.

The Introduction

When recruiters or hiring managers scout out a promising candidate, they will send them an email inviting them to participate in a video interview. This email is most likely among the first contacts with the candidate, and a great opportunity to display the brand. From the aesthetics to the tone of the email, the brand should be felt and seen. The subject line, logo, color palette and verbiage all send a message to the candidate.

The Tech

Using video interviewing to screen candidates is a fantastic way to let them know that this is a company that embraces technology, and that part of branding. This is a company that is moving forward with tech. You won’t find outdated tools and practices here; you’ll find convenience and consistency. Candidates don’t have to leave home to take this interview, heck they don’t even have to wear pants. Today’s workforce is interested in working smarter, not harder. Offering video interviewing as part of your brand, is extremely appealing.

The Look

When candidates are ready, they will click on the link provided and answer the rerecorded interview questions. The person delivering the questions should be mindful of the brand in their look as well as their surroundings. An older gentleman in a suit placed in a clean and quiet office will send a totally different message than a hipster with a mustache in a coffee shop. Culture and personality tie in strongly with the brand and should be considered in the making of the interview recordings.

The Questions

The questions themselves should be well thought out to also project the brand. There are going to be some generic and mandatory questions that need to be asked with any interview, but how you ask them and what else you ask them is a great opportunity to showcase the brand. Companies like Southwest Airlines do a great job of incorporating their brand into their hiring process. They have a very distinct candidate type that they look for and that is reflected in their interview process. If you aren’t outgoing and fun, you aren’t getting a job at Southwest Airlines. They have a clearly defined brand that people want to be a part of, and that is what has driven their success.

There are so many overlooked opportunities to showcase the company brand through out the video interviewing process. From the initial contact to the follow-up the brand can resonate with the candidate if companies play their cards right. Through creating a thoughtful candidate experience it easy to incorporate the brand throughout the process.

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