Breaking Down The Barriers That Others Impose - It's About Inward Resolve

What was the greatest lesson learned in 2011?  It was breaking down the barriers that others imposed whether that was laying to the dust those who said something couldn't be done, being firm in the resolve that no matter what people said the greatest outcomes came of the audacity to dream, and the inward hope that one could make anything happen that was the greatest of all steps to achievement.


As this New Year has come, so too has my inward knowledge that somewhere along the journey there will continue to be the Audacity of Hope.  I love that phrase - I dare to challenge anyone who says that something cannot be done, and I dare to challenge those who look me in the eye and declare the doubt of any kind.  It is when someone bears with confidence thier self esteem and self knowledge that around the corner are amazing outcomes of multiple steps and strides. 


As you go forward lessons from the past can be used as the impetus to persuade outcomes of the highest caliber.  There is nothing I love more than challenging folks who inwardly are negative, and with perseverance break down the walls imposed by others.  Along my career journey there have been those who doubted me at times, themselves, and others.  There are those who think they are God's gift to mankind - yet they are fallible and full of thier own weaknesses.  I feel sorry for those who cannot find inward fire when they have been hit with an ego head full of mush.  It is quite endearing to watch the great fall from their ivory towers and then be humbled. 


We have witnessed hiring managers omnipotent lose jobs, big time players and mammoth economic titans come crashing down.  Individuals who had enormous obstacles for applicants to overcome saw talent leave them and go elsewhere, and a labor market that made even the greatest among us teeter and topple.


It is in the wake of the economic maelstrom that new days have come, it is a very interesting time to pursue greater candidate freindly direction, as well an important time to make the right hire, and for companies to discover what really is a "nice to have" what skills can be "trained" and what skills are core.  A new day indeed, and oh how the mighty have fallen, once great companies gobbled up by competitors, and kingmen now standing in the unemployment lines, and over 40+ million Americans on food stamps.  It is without a doubt an important time to look inward, an important time to lay to waste the notion that people are widgets vs. human beings, and a time to break down barriers.  Everywhere you look are individuals who think they have the answers, when what is really needed is to cherish life and see it's good in multiple venues and places, and strive to find the amazing outcomes that lead to new bright channels of opportunity.


All around us chime these different songs, and I can't help but be persuaded that overcoming the boundaries set by others is the most triumphant recipe for success I have ever known - it is a New Year with a new opportunity, and there will be those who doubt at times what lies within, it may be at that point your own inward fire is the resolve that will make amazing and crucial outcomes forge forward.  Let there be no mistake - Inward Resolve - in today's economic climate is the source of staffing, and business success.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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