As my recruitment career continues and the list of candidates I deal with increases, it becomes very apparent that there is a small minority that truly stand out above the rest, the elite. There is a very definite quality they have and that is shown in the extra level of effort in all that they do.

With Euro 2012 in full flight (never mind England, we'll get them next time), Wimbledon just underway and the Olympics breathing down our necks, we are currently exposed to the elite of the sporting world. For all the Sunday league footballers running around with a hangover, those on the treadmill looking to give up after 7 minutes or those that get their arms twisted for a quick drink rather than go for that swim, you know how much effort it takes to be the very best. I go to the gym regularly, occasionally...sometimes. It's so easy to find other things to do or to have an excuse to avoid that extra effort and remain mediocre.

With all the athletes at the forefront of the media at the moment, the interviews I read and the intense regimes I learn about, I'm so very aware of the dedication and true determination it takes to be the very best in your field. The summer sporting events provide a great analogy for every one of us that gets up each morning to go to work. There will always be those that strive a little harder, stay a little later or put in that little bit extra effort. Their dedication and desire to succeed is amazing to witness and it's no coincidence that those individuals will reach their goals.

It is very clear within just a few minutes of meeting such a candidate and I am filled with the excitement of being able to guide and assist them. I know that they will be exactly the type of person my clients want and I will get to play a part in the journey of their successful career. So when it's so tempting to shoot off early or do just the amount of work required to get by, ask yourself if that's the type of person you're happy being...or if you want to be one of the elite.

Written by,

Marc Conway

Media Agency recruitment consultant @LiptonFleming

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