Click-To-Call: Know How It Impacts the Customer Experience

Click-to-call is one of the most popular cloud technologies companies use to enable prospective and existing customers to connect with them faster. It is a real-time-based calling widget strategically placed on the website or mobile app. It is easily visible on the web page or mobile app, and users need to tap on the button to get a call back from the company's representatives. Let's discuss how the solution impacts CX and leads to better sales. 

Quick Connectivity: With the click-to-call software, contacting a company requires only a click, literally. The interested buyers can click on the widget, and the agents can call them right back. It is effortless for prospective buyers to contact a company they are interested in associating with. So, with faster connectivity, the software provides a great CX while ensuring more sales for the company. 

Personalised Experience: The solution offers a personalised customer experience with regional language greetings and custom hold music. It's crucial to keep the customers on the line and ensure they don't disconnect the calls abruptly. Let the agents join and resolve their queries; meanwhile, they are entertained with the personalised elements. 

Call Tracking: Apart from establishing faster connectivity with prospective buyers, the software also provides in-depth insights that help them serve customers better. The software records the calls between the agents and the customers, and a business can track and monitor the conversation in real-time. The information proves to be highly useful for the company as it can analyse and get insights into the agents' performance. With dedicated resources to improve agent productivity, they get a step closer to providing better CX. With the information available, the agents are trained better, and with enhanced skill-sets, they can offer an improved customer experience. 

Reduced Wait Time:  Customers do not like waiting in long queues before connecting with the company, and long call waiting time leads to dissatisfaction and can turn prospective customers away. But the click-to-call software helps in improving CX by establishing faster connectivity with the callers. Companies can optimise the call routes and direct the calls to the available agents with the call routing feature. In this way, the customers do not have to wait for a more extended period as the agent can connect with them faster. 

Reduced Call wait time:  It is a huge factor that helps in providing high customer satisfaction. Whether they are old customers or prospective clients, less wait time is always appreciated, leading to an enhanced customer experience. 

High-Quality Standards: The solution is effectively used with the Call recording capability. Companies can record the inbound and outbound calls in real-time. They can later listen to the call logs and understand their customer base. They can know about the customer experience with their products and the expectations they have from the company. It is valuable information that companies can utilise to strive for excellence while serving the customers. They can improve the quality of their contact centre and align their products and services that match the evolving customer demands. In this way, businesses can offer a better customer experience and acquire more customers. 

Streamlined Communication System: By integrating the IVR technology with the Click-to-call solution, companies can improve customers' call experience. The IVR technology offers multi-level menus representing the possible solution the callers are looking for while contacting the company. The menus make it easy for the callers to get quick answers to their questions. They can identify the best menu to resolve their queries and select that particular option that will give them the exact answer. For example, if callers need to inquire about their credit card application status, they will instantly choose the IVR menu that talks about the Credit Card Application status. While ignoring the other menus that talk about other products, they can select the right option for themselves and get quick answers. It is a crucial factor that provides excellent CX. 


From the above-discussed pointers, we know that the Click-To-Call service proves to be highly beneficial for business organisations. Better CX leads to better customer acquisition and retention rates that increase sales. So, companies should invest in Click-to-call Software. Get more information about this solution by visiting


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