Cohesive Approach towards Diversity Hiring

Contextual Meaning & Approach

No one in this deterrent world is living in a denial of discrimination theory since birth of Adam.

Knowing the fact that we are same siblings of Adam and Eve by blood yet couldn’t get away from gender, racism, biasness and religious differences and discrimination battle.

It is fair enough to say that this conflict continuous even in today’s modern world where it has adverse effects on human beings in multiple ways.

Regardless of progression and advancement in almost all areas of life, we faced new challenges every day regarding racism, biasness, religious and cultural dissimilarities urging to dig deep for best solutions to cope up for progressive world. Same is the rationale behind the HRM best practices and conceptual research giving new solutions to overcome these challenges.      

Hence, we cannot conclude or resolve any issue without knowing its root cause. HRM researches authenticated the standing of diversity hiring notion for businesses and companies with different aspects and factual based analysis done in this regard.

Diversity hiring in HRM simply means hiring which is based on merit to allow different kind of individuals to work under one roof under one organization setting aside different backgrounds, different culture, different beliefs, caste or religion.

It also means they are sharing and collaborating in harmony bringing workplace diversity in organization for best business outcomes.

Diversity Hiring – Integral or Optional Choice

Is it still debatable that whether diverse hiring an optional or integral choice?

To a greater extent, the answer is supporting diversity hiring which is becoming inevitable, unavoidable rather essential tool to explore diversified people that help in achieving diversity hiring targets set by any business.

Let’s explore this model further to correlate the increase diverse hiring phenomenon embracing by HR sector in businesses these days.     


Positive Attributes of Diversity Hiring

Most researchers suggest the positive attributes of diversity hiring in organizations and businesses mainly because;

  1. It is like a key to internal innovation and business progression
  2. Diverse team leads to product development and new market creation and increase rate of customer
  3. Group of diverse problem solvers leaves behind the group of high ability problem solvers
  4. Having multicultural team and network increase the creative ability
  5. Brand name and company reputation is increased making your business acceptable more and more
  6. By eliminating University Biasness will allow hiring different brains to comes on one platform where they can benefit by brainstorming
  7. Unique and diversified candidate selection will introduce culture add which may not exists in your company before to target candidates assuming company as culture fit.
  8. Diversity hiring in recent pandemic has been raised in online businesses. Companies are encouraging and making online earning possible from all parts of the world regardless of the demography, gender, age, race, religion


Reasons of Removing, Hiding or Blind Hiring 

US study stats shows that removing certain information from the application process can increase diversity hiring.

This certain information is usually related to demographic differences, age, gender, skin colour, race, belief and religion.

Now-a-days, most companies who believe on diversity hiring model are encouraging to remove personal information as a precaution to avoid biasness.

Also, the core of any job is the skill which determines the performance to be measured in the end and not the gender, age, colour, culture or religion of any employee.    

Many Big companies are using ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to auto screen and narrow down the pool of applications for saving time for application scrutiny along with leaving behind the personal identification information.

Blind Hiring concept is gaining popularity and it was introduced in music stage performers where they are hidden behind the walls or curtains allowing access to their voice or music performance. It certainly enables the hiring team to select without any discrimination the best diversified talent based purely on the skill required for the job.    


Research Evidences supporting PII removal and diversity hiring as an Integral path towards successful business 

Hence, US survey report also shared the same findings giving support of above mentioned study that black women were interviewed more by 26% increasing rate when the hiring authorities were not given access to personal identification information (PII).

The main reason behind prevailing discrimination is the recent racism wave in US culture continuing its impact resulting in preferring to hire whitish counterparts over black candidates. Although US EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) policy is protecting the laws of all citizens but such biasness still exists in mindset which are proven correct by researches till date. This research also revealed that Government Sector apparently proved fairer towards gender and racism equality than the private sector.

Hence, this research strongly suggest the need of diversity hiring to be implemented in its true spirit to protect the human beings fall into the pit of racism fight once more.

Another research paper done by McKinsey based on UK and USA identified the strong link between diversity, financial outcome and value creation.

Companies for gender diversity at executive team level were having 21% more above-average profit than the other companies not gender diversified.


Same, outcome experienced in the form of 33% more profit for ethnic and cultural diversity outperforming other companies who underperformed. Although, this research is not wide spread in nature but giving a smart insight of having diversity influence in gender and ethnicity form.


It is therefore concluded that diverse hiring is becoming integral part of modern HR practices and no more optional due to its propagating success and diversified results outcome.

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