As the coronavirus pandemic takes the world by storm, jobs have taken a massive toll. Employment rates have taken a plunge, and experts started to predict a prolonged recession. To an amateur, finding a job can be a daunting task. Many companies have begun to work out a business model that will continue to serve them even after such a crisis, reducing overheads and becoming more efficient online.

Businesses have taken a toll because of restrictions from the pandemic. The requirement for gas, for example, had drastically reduced in places where lockdown has been imposed. Restaurants and malls, in general, are seeing their numbers go down as governments asked people to avoid public places. The tourism industry has also taken a hit. In general, every related sector had losses. Naturally, the employment rates across the world have gone down.

The jobs that have closed down are expected to open again when the pandemic situation stabilizes. Let us look at specific steps to help you find a job in these uncertain times.

Network As Much As You Can

During this unstable phase of the coronavirus pandemic, networking can be a hidden weapon in your arsenal to find a job. It can open a myriad of job opportunities. When you establish a network in a particular industry, you are remembered when a position comes up.

Putting yourself in the shoes of an employer can help you analyze the situation. Will you, as an employer, consider a person who is referred by a current employee or someone who isn't? The answer becomes apparent the more you think about it. 

Engage on professional social networks such as LinkedIn helps you develop a long-lasting personal brand to support yourself if you lose your job. LinkedIn can help you find and organize your job search, besides being a great tool in your future networking challenges.

Prospect and Offer Solutions

You now find yourself without even a prospect of a job. Most people usually feel discouraged when challenges like these come up. The idea of having a more significant competition can be a daunting thing for some and open a door for others. 

Reach out to companies with open positions and offer them a solution to an issue that they might be having. Showing your skills through a concrete answer to their problems can be the difference between you being employed or jobless. 

Create A Strong And Optimized Resume

A well-crafted resume is a job finder's bread and butter. List accomplishments, similar job experiences, and areas of expertise related to the job requests. Know that an AI system will be the first filter in some cases, so work on keywords to increase the chances of being selected for the job you are searching for.

Make sure to include job references on your resume. It helps the employer know you are a reliable professional. Remember to include references from trustable sources to avoid negative comments.

Sharpen Your Skill Set

We all know that the coronavirus pandemic has provided us with enough time to grow and hone our specific skills. A more strategic approach for your career will be using this time to expand your skillset. Learn new skills or go deeper into the ones you already master.

Once again, putting yourself in an employer's shoes will ease the thinking process behind this goal. An employer will naturally give preference to the person with better and specific skills, focused on the open position requirements. 

It's important to highlight that learning more skills does not mean neglecting the skills you already have.

Thousands of courses and MOOCS are available on websites like Udemy and Coursera. Reading articles can also help to improve your knowledge, update yourself, and acquire new ones. 

Due to the lockdown conditions imposed worldwide, companies are looking forward to taking a guerilla approach towards online sales. The job openings for digital marketing are growing, and the people you will compete with were born in the digital era, so updating your knowledge is mandatory.

Taking a step in the right direction can be a difference in whether you get a job during these uncertain times. Therefore it is recommended that you keep up with the motivation and use those suggestions during your transition.

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