Companies hiding their Best!!
I was recently helping a friend find Data Scientists. I started looking at a few companies who the Hiring Manager (HM) wanted to target and I knew would have the people he needed. However when I tried to search for them or cold call in, I kept running into an in ability to find or connect with them.  So I had a friend of mine who is very very good try. He got no place either. So I started wondering what is going on. I decided to do some deep research. I found a bunch of Instant Messages (IM), that I knew originated from the city were these companies are and the IMs were all about big data, and the kind of stuff you would expect a data scientist to talk about. So I joined in, and eventually found a few people who worked at the companies we were targeting, and who were doing the job of a data scientist. The interesting thing is the titles they had at the companies were not anything close to what you would expect form a “data scientist” type. They were titles like, support and PM. So I decided to ask why those titles when they were obviously “data Scientists”, I was told they company wanted to use them in an attempt to make it harder for recruiters to find them.  I was slightly amazed, about it to be honest. So I decided to search a little by company name and titles, along with a few big data search terms. Low and behold sure enough several people came up with weird titles, but who had enough in their resume, profile, or bio to figure out they were actually data scientists. The morale here is that a lot of people preach about using job titles as search terms, and while for some position that is a good idea. Do not forget to search for the nontitle search criteria as well and most importantly do not just look for and go by titles, on a resume, profile, or bio when scanning them. Due some digging you might be surprised and remember companies are trying to hide and protect their talent so really research and pay attention to what is written and how it is written. In there some place will be a tell whether they are what you want or not.


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