Getting access to the data science industry expects you to be capable of handling diverse data problems from big to small. Data science courses have become a convenient medium to keep pace with this ever-evolving landscape. any data science aspirant who dreams of making it big in the industry; thinks of enrolling with a certification or two for sure.

Why do you think these are becoming increasingly important for data science expertise?

As data scientist ranks higher among the fastest growing job opportunities worldwide (LinkedIn); the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals a creation of 11.5 million new jobs by 2026. This instantly makes data science a highly employable job sector worldwide. This is a massive time to dive right in and build a niche for yourself as an industry expert. We can guide you through; as we unravel what the global data science industry recruiters have to say about getting certified and getting the best data science certification badges.

Why data science certificates are not enough?

What is most important to the recruiters is whether you can do the job. And certificates are not proof of real skills. the best way to demonstrate your skills is by completing projects and adding them to a portfolio. Portfolios are like the holy grail of data science skills. However, having said that; some of the top data science certifications can build a strong rapport with the recruiter and assure them your level of expertise in the industry.

There is a gazillion of offerings as you dive into the field of getting certified. This is where you must research well and look for the most trusted names in the credentialing arena that can assist you in leveling up and cutting the competition with sheer skill and trust.

What Recruiters Want?

Hiring managers and industry recruiters in data science do not usually mention certificates on their resumes, and they are unlikely to help much on their own. Only upon deep research, one can get their hands on some of the globally renowned data science certifications that can guarantee success and allow them to gain meaty career opportunities. Getting the job done is not the only concern that these industry recruiters look for. your capability to excel in tight data problem situations and make growth-driven decisions is a must-have quality. With some of the top data science certifications; you can master industry-relevant futuristic data science skills and boost your confidence and expertise while working on popular industry projects and gaining real-time insights from data science geniuses themselves on the course. This is why making the right choice matters!

Why Get Certified Then?

Getting that lifetime digital badge is a massive kick you shall achieve on completing a credible and globally trusted data science credential. The best way to demonstrate your skills is by completing projects and adding them to your portfolio. Hiring managers and recruiters look at your completed projects list as these reflect your expertise gained at these popular courses. These projects and certifications when combined; self-validate your expertise in the data science industry manifold. Working on some of the in-demand and most popular data science projects such as Quote Scraping, IPL Data Analysis, Breast Cancer Classification, and many others can make a difference. Pick the best data science certification that sits comfortably on the following criteria:

  • Curriculum
  • Cost
  • Pre-requisites
  • Duration
  • Program review
  • Employability
  • Career goal resonance

Let us look at the top 3 of the most promising data science certifications that can help you sail through easily.


Being a proud member of the International Institute for Credentialing Excellence; the United States Data Science Institute has been a name giant industry recruiters trust for years now. It has earned its name of repute in the worldwide credentialing arena by offering an extremely talented data science pool; packed with futuristic data science skills. The top data science certifications offered by them are graded and streamed as per your current and future skills requirements. They are living up to their commitment to closing the data scientist’s talent crunch by 2025; while churning qualified data science professionals for the industry good. Explore Certified Data Science Professional CDSP™ (beginner), Certified Lead Data Scientist CLDS™ (intermediate), and Certified Senior Data Scientist CSDS™ (expert) and accommodate the most suited data science program on offer with massive perks and career progression opportunities aligned.

  1. IBM

The data science professional certificate from IBM emphasizes applied learning and includes a series of hands-on labs in the IBM Cloud that give you practical skills with applicability to real jobs. Being a free courseware, it offers a limited skills tank that restricts your enhanced growth.


The data science professional certificate from Google is a foundational certification option that you can think of. But, being a foundational courseware; it is not everything that you need to get the job as an entry-level data analyst or beyond in the data science career stream.

The crux is the leading industry recruiters value popular data science courses and certifications that guarantee them your credibility as an industry expert. Gaining in-depth knowledge in data science skills from the most grounded and globally trusted name is the ladder to success. While traditional university degrees may have varying significance; the top data science certifying bodies are ramping up curriculum development and are keeping pace with the most recent industry advancements as well. Research well and get your hands on the best for a lasting career success!


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