Do You Have These 8 Traits of a Consistent Boss?

It is not afraid to leave the comfort zone.

Being a boss and being human are completely opposite things. You don’t have to be human to be a good boss. In fact, a good boss isn’t a human, he’s a leader and icon on the first place. Colossus for the entire team and its every member, that’s who a good boss is. To be the one, you have to leave your comfort zone as easily as you enter it after work. In the office, you’re the boss… in all meanings of the word.  

It is a role-model for his employees.

Each time you enter a room with your secondaries, they look at you, and they look up to you. Your team doesn’t speak unless you tell them to, your team doesn’t breath unless you let them to. If not, you’re at risk of losing mental control over your subordinates, which can lead to loss of power and authority.  

Makes tough decisions.

As a boss, you have to take credit for all the difficult decisions there are to make. If you have to cut salary to avoid going bankrupt, you do it. If you have to fire a mom of three kids because she’s a lousy specialist, you do it and never give a donkey about what others think. Are they to judge your decisions? Make them a boss for an hour, let them feel what’s it like to run a team or business, and then… fire them. 

Always has Plan-A and Plan-B.

Your subordinates work hard to reach the goal, but they seldom see the whole picture why they do it and what for, and what the final aim there is to reach. Your task here is to take care of all the gears in the mechanism spinning well. Isn’t anything working out? You step in, follow the backup plan and rearrange the working process according to the latest changes.

Sees things other people don’t.

 And that’s why you’re paid. What others don’t see has already been anticipated by you time ago. What’s hidden beyond everyone else’s sights has been already unveiled by your watchful eye. The one who sees all the hidden pitfalls and manages to avoid the downturns is successful in both work and life.

Works more than anyone else.

A good boss has the least number of holidays, vacations, day-offs and sickness leaves. A good boss stays extra hours after the standard work day is over and even stays overnight to “look through papers” or “finalize the deal”. That’s essential for a proper boss, plus it gives an example for your crew as to how to reach the top of the job.    


Knows results are the only thing that matters.

Thinking outside the box, working the system through, finding the loopholes and utilizing them to one’s advantage – that’s what solid leaders and bosses get paid for. Is there a workaround? You must have already found it. If not, you must have already landed a person to find workarounds for you. Results matter, the way to reach them – not.

It is quite eccentric.

Many leaders are a bit weird, not lunatic-weird, just a bit queerly-weird. Unusual habits and behavior are the sign of a greater mind that, once again, sees things other people don’t and interprets them in an unusual way, which, once again, helps find hidden solutions and unravel bottled up secrets. Plus being eccentric means being charismatic, which is must-have for a prosperous leader.

About the author:

Irene Adler is an expert freelancer. She is known for being one of the writers at the well known online writing company - with a primary focus on education.  She is a writer with a knack for educational areas. Besides that, she graduated from the SPU and has been an active blogger. Her works are a great help for students seeking advice with their writing assignments.  

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