Do you inspire performance in your sales and recruiting efforts?

Hello World!

My name is James Chmielinski and I am a believer of passion and performance.

 From an early age, I was competing on baseball fields and the performance + competition bug has never left me.  I want to be the best.  I can't help it but the grind can have its downfall.  When you are the only one in the room competing.  Now, thats not good and has happened a lot in my life, in my relationships, and in my family made up of true competitors.  Think National Geographic.  It was downright primal sometimes!

 I played sports, mainly baseball and hockey, thru college and I was always a fan of statistics.  Moneyball was awesome to read and learn about.  Competing for the top place on the roster of whatever team I was has always been priority number one.  That thought process  paved the way for my not-so-planned career as a recruiting and sales professional.   Competition can be healthy in sales and recruiting.  I've recruited and sold across the country for years with a passion and unintentional friction that didn't always win over the crowd.

Coming from my background in sports and competition made me realize that performance isn't always the value in hiring, yet, it does create a system and spirit for success in people, processes, and technology, as someone who I respect dearly in the world of sourcing and recruiting,  would say.

How can you measure yourself if you don’t evaluate your performance with data and statistical trending?
And what it is about performing that feels so good?
...perhaps the feeling of success when you make a sale for a colleague who needs your product or service.  
...or when you work so hard to hire that person that can create shine in their life while elevating your team and company.  

I'm here celebrating our efforts as sales and recruiting professionals and I want to encourage everyone to inspire performance in yourself, your team, and  your company.  Be a role model on your team and make life easier for your coworker, for your company, and become the resident expert in your skill-set.

Inspiring performance brings out the best in people.  The problem is that it also creates a grind which can be bad.  

I'm here to introduce something that will create inspiration, performance, and remove the grind that can happen when people get too wrapped up in competition or try too hard to perform while sacrificing the things that are dearest to them.....The people they work with, the people they love, and the goals that we all pursue to make a better life for ourselves and the people with care about.  Meet Veruca Awesomatic.   Designed to make life better at work.

She's Digital and in time, she will be the first ever future-based, Virtual Sales and Recruiting Platform.  Watch a quick slideshow to learn all about

Veruca Awesomatic

or check out the Veruca Awesomatic One Pager.....

Keep inspiring performance and we will be here to support your efforts.  Happy Monday!


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