Do Your Help Wanted Ads Truly Resonate with Job Seekers?

As a recruiter, it's your job to attract the most qualified job candidates to the positions you advertise.

Do your help wanted ads truly resonate with job seekers? If not, it may be time to take another look at the way you advertise for jobs.

Keep these tips in mind in order to create compelling job ads that will entice the best job recruits….

Create Compelling Titles

Your job ad title should do several things.

It should express exactly what position you're advertising for, it should be compelling, and it should stand out from your competitors.

To fulfill the first item, make sure you include the job title in the ad title.

To make the ad compelling, use language that is interesting, unique or urgent.

To stand out from your competitors, give the title a creative spin that reaches above the mundane.

Here is an example of a job ad that fulfills all three:

Immediate Need for Marketing VP at Best-In-Class Org

The use of the word "immediate" will get candidates excited that their application will be looked at quickly. Marketing VP explains the specific job position. Not every company can boast about being a best-in-class org, so this instantly sets this job ad title ahead of the competition.

Briefly Explain What the Company Does

Job candidates don't want to apply for a position at a company where they can't even figure out what they're in business for. In a brief paragraph, explain what the company does. This should cover the basics.

There's no need to go into detail here. Details can be explained in person to your shortlist of candidates. Think broad brush strokes.

Here's an example of a good company description that does what it should:

Fortune 500, privately-held marketing agency serves the advertising needs of medium and large business in U.S. and globally. Corporate headquarters on Madison Avenue with satellite locations abroad in China, U.K. and Switzerland.

That's it. If you do anything more than that, it should be integral to the understanding of the product or service that your company sells. Job candidates don't need to know when the company was founded or how many times the stock split.

As the article, “3 steps to creating a compelling job ad” notes, take time in putting the best job ad out there from day one.

Disclose a Salary Range

It isn't fair to job candidates not to give at least a hint of what the available salary is. Customizing cover letters and resumes, and sitting for interviews takes a lot of time.

What an unpleasant surprise for a candidate to do all the work and then find out the salary is a fraction of what they're already getting.

Disclosing a salary range will also save your interviewers time potentially wasted in considering candidates that will ask too much.

You don't have to be specific, but stating a range is necessary.

When your job ads improve, your job candidates will improve, which will make it easier for everyone to find a good fit.

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About the Author: Kate Supino writes extensively about best business practices

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