I wrote this poem last night for my blog and wanted to share with all my friends on RecruitingBlogs, I hope you enjoy!

T’was the month of Christmas and all across the land,
clients and competitors were seeking the upper hand.

When all of the sudden to ACME Inc’s delight,
their big push for 2009 came into the light.

Recession, layoffs and hiring freezes they faced;
all were behind them, they picked up the pace.

But 18 days in December, what a difference maker;
with holiday parties, mixers and shakers.

They partied, ate, and took delight,
counting down till the stroke of a ‘09 midnight

Now across the hall, was young Mr. Ketah,
working a pace like the speed of a cheetah.

His time he knew was very small,
but he planned to work for the long haul.

18 days is such a long time,
he did not waste one minute, left no second behind.

He is set for a great start to 2010,
while all the competitors will want to be him.

18 days, does it really matter?
O yes you see, because this is what’s sadder.

That 18 days from the 23rd to the 4th,
turn into 18 more, you’re losing your worth.

In total 36 days stand to be wasted.
Come January, the funk you will have tasted.

Choose you this day, which you will be?
ACME Inc above or the one so fast, the logo reads “can’t see me”!

Let’s be honest, ‘tis the season when everything work related is winding down! It is easy to coast into the next year. But you are different! Sure, you will be taking some down time with the family at the end of the month, but you still have 18 full working days left (11/30 – 12/23). What is the best way to use this time and be productive (and not be Scrooged like ACME Inc above)?

■Revisit your annual goals and decide if you are on track to accomplish.
■Determine your daily & weekly goals for the next 18 days, put them in your calendar/task list with a daily reminders.
■Find your motivator and use it daily! Are you taking time off from 12/23 – 1/3? Seeing family and enjoying fruit pies? Well deserved, but you must work a plan until then.
■Take advantage of your competitors “holiday” lax. Everyone will be taking clients to lunch, sending out the Christmas card etc…Set yourself apart. What is your competition NOT doing over the next 18 days?
■Plan the next 18 days as a project. Identify the goals, develop a charter (for yourself), and measure against milestones. I suggest checkpoints of every 2-3 days. Maybe another team

Have a fruitful holiday!!

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Comment by Hassan Rizwan on December 1, 2009 at 4:52am
Superb article Alex. Worthy of being a thousand times. I am looking forward to sharing this on my Fan page .


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