Double Dipping in your Recruitment Campaigns

No matter if you are receiving too many applicants or receiving too few, there is always value in looking on how you can maximize the performance of your recruitment marketing campaigns.


Whether it’s increasing your ability to collect recruiting contacts through opt-in or creating a better recruitment marketing mix of recruiting channels, there are plenty of opportunities to set up processes in your recruiting strategy to double dip and improve the ROI of every recruitment campaign you run.


In particular, I like to help organizations find a way to double dip on the recruiting processes that they already do on a daily basis.  Nothing changes in the actual execution of these activities but in the end they are able to get more ROI with little to no extra effort.


To get more ROI out of your campaigns, take a look at some of the double dipping opportunities that exist in your recruiting strategy below:


Sourcing into your own database:  For many organizations, their sourcing & recruiting teams use Monster & CareerBuilder databases, Google & LinkedIn to source and find the right candidate for every newly open job position.  Any potential candidates are directed to their ATS and along with all the candidates from job distribution campaigns, a candidate is hired.

But what is happening to all the sourcing contacts after a hire is made?  Sadly in a number of cases, these contacts are kept in the ATS but are rarely used or categorized.  And for the next job campaign, the sourcing team goes right back to all the sourcing channels to start the process over again.

The Double Dip: Instead, have your organization not only send recruiting contacts to your ATS but also create records for these contacts in a centralized Recruiting CRM.  If you do this on every campaign, you will be able to build a Talent Network that should be able to help you save money by weening off other sourcing platforms and help you fill future open job positions.


Dual Purpose Job Ads: One of the easiest and most impactful things you can do in your job distribution process is to include an opt-in form directly into the apply process.  With the right technology, you will be able to link this form to your database while not having to change the way you distribute your job ads.

The Double Dip: Adding an opt-in form to your apply process is a no-brainer way to capture recruiting contacts into your Talent Network.  These contacts are free to your organization and represent potential hires down the road.

A number of organizations have experienced great results by inserting one of these simple opt-in f...


Doubling Down on Recruiting Channels:  The only real way to know how well a recruiting channel is performing (in terms of bringing in applicants & hires) is to collect your own recruiting metrics.  Once you have these metrics and understand what recruiting channels (job boards, social networks, SEM, email, etc.) work for your organization, you are ready to begin double dipping with your recruitment marketing mix.

Using your metrics, identify the recruiting channels that are providing you with the best & worst ROI.  Then evaluate if you want to make a change.

The Double Dip: If you are convinced a change is needed, “fire” the recruiting channel with the worst ROI and dedicate the freed up resources to your best recruiting channel.  We’ve seen it work quite well in the past for some organizations.


Take a look at your recruiting processes and see if there are any opportunities to double dip and extract more value to the activities your recruiting team already does.  Small changes to your process can yield great results in your overall recruiting ROI and it’s worth the time to evaluate your process.

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