Drive Value for Organization with HR and Talent Management Certifications

The role of human resource professionals is changing significantly as the workforce and economy evolve. Technology is freeing up HR professionals to make their field more exciting, demanding, and competitive.

With the evolving industry and technology trends, the right talent refers to behavioral competencies. Behavioral competencies such as strength in adaptability, continuous learning, transactional communication, the problem-solving approach should get advocated for talents by the leaders. As the definition of talent changes - the recruitment, engagement, and management process change too. As a result, business leaders prefer to hire recently certified hr professionals.

The companies with high leadership quality and engagement are 9 times more likely to outperform their peers in finance, states DDI research reports.

Business leaders understand that HR leaders play a key role in bridging the skill - and talent gap by nurturing them with the right stroke. HR leaders of today and tomorrow will need to become masterminds, tech-savvy, and deft to recruit the right talent, manage the agile and restless workforce, improve employee experience, and take the organization ahead of the curve.

Building the right capabilities, people strategy, and talent management will be the key differentiator for the HR team while driving the organization toward continued success and sustenance. Developing game changers and introducing game-changers who are ready to embrace innovation and will influence others in the network is on the frontline mission for HR professionals. At this juncture, it is high time for the HR professionals to adapt to the new reality by upskilling themselves with HR certifications.

In addition, organizations are quickly mobilizing their people, reskilling them, and supporting their transition across business functions or around the globe. It increases the efficiency of the organization and future-proof their workforce. This is possible when there are a comprehensive understanding and reports on the internal talent pipeline and external talent network as well.

As cross-border moves and tasks become prominent, HR professionals play a major role in the talent mobility of an organization. They are the best supporters to align the talent with the business strategy.

To enable talent mobility, HR leaders are required to have a people leader mindset and bring a cultural change. Retaining talent, creating an agile mindset, optimizing the existing team, and having a flexible team is the need of the hour. Moreover, job rotation or shadowing will benefit the professional and business as well. Engaging the employees, spending time to knowing their employees, recognizing their talent, promoting them in career progression, coaching, and mentoring is all there in the talent menu.

Henceforth, HR leaders must develop talent with a key focus on talent selection, employee assessments, quantify the return on such investments, bring a cultural shift, and commitment toward the continuous process of development.

Integrated talent management leads to organizational success. Proactive alignment with talent succession planning, budget allocation, management buy-in, talent fungibility measurement, designing the skill development, monitoring and managing are on the HR plate today. Attending to HR and talent management programs helps HR professionals to do so.

To summarize, HRs are the strategic partner of talent. They drive the organization’s talent strategy by collaborating with businesses. Thereby, they increase the organization’s growth capabilities, recognize cost savings with greater efficiency, and make their employers as ‘employer of choice’

Further, talent management projects must get linked with hi-potential development projects and talent market mapping projects. HRs can resort to online hr certifications to manage their job and learnings as well. Seeking additional knowledge of business strategy, finance, regulations, policies, and laws are much needed to raise their voice in the executive suite.

Let’s see how HR and talent management programs help HRs in this lane.

HR and Talent Management Programs

Strategic thinking and advancing with confident leadership are the fruits of HR and talent management programs.

Get introduced to a few of the HR and talent management certification programs here.

Talent Management Practitioner (TMP™)

HR professionals and senior-professionals can take their job to the next level with this certification provided by Talent Management Institute. This certification enables HR to deal with critical business functions through talent acquisition, mobility, and management. This certification rebuilds your ability to deal with HR accountabilities and difficulties.

SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM)

This certification enables you to gain improved knowledge on policy implementation, human resource procedures, and service delivery as the organization demands. It enables you to have a novel and advanced insights into HR functions.

Associate Professional in Talent Development Credential (APTD)

This certification is for HR professionals working in talent management profile. The certification program focuses on three areas of the ATD competency model. To mention, they are instructional design, training delivery, and learning technologies.

The key takeaway

Human resource professionals’ roles are evolving. To expand their knowledge in HR functions and overall business strategy, getting certified stands as the best option. Moreover, the salaries too tend to become fatter for certified hr professionals. Administer business decisions by aligning and managing talent innovatively and profitably with certifications.

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