Employee Referrals Rise 85% in New (Quanta) Recruiting Trend: A Guide

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A simple yet powerful referral-hiring guide for executives, recruiters, and leaders

2015. The future is now but after 30 years of attempted talent acquisition innovation, we only see minimal performance in fifth-generation recruiting systems and process.

In the spirit of 2015 and BTTF2, let's take a quick trip to revisit some of the old ways we did the recruiting business:

A blast thru five generations of recruiting methods showing how the devices of recruiting have evolved over the years…..here we go!!!!!

Whoa. that was heavy. But we made it back!! Well, I don't know about you but it seemed like it got pretty sloppy toward the fourth and fifth generation recruiting methods.

Although organizations continue to make extraordinary effort and investment toward recruiting, we still don't get the ROI in hiring that we want. Now, thanks to recent advances in data science, machine learning, and community goodwill, talent acquisition has a new design, powered by people that care. Referrals can come easy with big data, fueled performance resulting in simple and consumable recruiting technology for the ordinary employee. No longer is it necessary to have bloated talent acquisition constructs in your agency or corporation. The sophisticated delivery of talent can be handled with precision by the ordinary employee thanks to the power of quantum-based recruiting.

Ordinary people in the workforce can orchestrate the arrival of massive amounts of referred talent.

We can increase referrals the The Easy Way or The Hard Way...

The Hard Way: Increase referrals by 20% in your company

STEP 1 - Develop a top 5-10-50-100 list of highest priority roles
1. If you aren't a recruiter, ask your recruiting manager or a hiring leader for the priority 
2. Identify and validate why each role is most important over the other vacancies

STEP 2 - *Identify the hiring manager and top influencers on the hiring team*
1. Research who on the team might have the best connections
2. Search their connections in their network: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, StackOverflow, and Github to evaluate each person's network and align the talent to your top priority positions. 
3. Identify at least one person from each of your hiring manager or top influencers network that is a match (or almost a match) 
4. Build Rapport with everyone in the company and evaluate the ease of collaboration and their ability to influence referred talent.

STEP 3 - If you have a formal referral program, identify top leaders and executives within your company and meet with them on the topic of referrals
1. Be simple and straight forward with your executive leadership. They don't have the luxury of time. 
2. Tell them that research has proven that referrals provide a 40% increased chance of successful hire and they retain twice as long as an employee. Period.
3. Now, ask them to announce or send a group email to the staff showing you support and backing for your referral strategy. Craft the email for them that they can customize. Leaders are respected and garner influence within companies so you want and prefer their support before you connect with your hiring manager and top influencers. You want everyone to know that executive's have your back. 
4. If executives at your company aren't willing to support you publicly about your referral strategy, abandon your efforts and start looking for a new job. If you work at a company where an executive won't support your referral strategy, they aren't supporting you with proper leadership and you should find a better gig.

STEP 4 - After the executive announcements, meet with hiring managers and top influencers and keep building relationships.
1. Ask your hiring managers and top influencers about the specific person you identified earlier (if there are any). This is a conversation started for you to get your hiring manager/influencers to start thinking about people similar that they know who could be a good fit. 
2. Rotate to each of the hiring manager and influencers on your list every month as priorities shift. 
3. Remind each person the referral program incentives (whatever they might be)
4. Design a google form and give everyone you talk/meet with a link so you can periodically check it and begin automating the information exchange.

The Easy Way: Increase referrals by 85% in your company

1. Identify the hiring manager or top influencers within the team who you think have the largest network of referrals that could be qualified to do the job.

2. Smile while you click the link below because your ability to hire referrals is about to grow exponentially.


3. YOU AREN'T DONE YET! Continue to research more about the new recruiting paradigm. Recruiters using automation with awesome results. #recruitingwars #techstardust

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