Funny thing that Road Rage taught me.........

A few days ago there was an article posted on this blog about whether or not it's OK to burn bridges. I guess that's a matter of opinion and circumstance but if my severe Road Rage (Washington DC area traffic) has taught me anything of value, it would be "WHY BOTHER."

So that manager never called you back after the interview and your previous boss was a horror show. Do you think that by airing your experience publicly that no one else is going to show up for an interview with that company or that your wretched old boss will get the boot? Probably not going to happen. Similarly, when someone cuts you off on the Beltway and you speed up just to return the favor and flip them the bird, is it likely that they won't do it again to someone else? When some creep is riding your bumper and you either slam on the brakes or slow down to a mere crawl just to teach them a lesson, do you think that they suddenly have an epiphany and change their driving habits? I'm going to guess that the answer to both of the above questions is "NOPE."

If your purpose for burning that bridge is revenge, just remember that you are not going to teach anyone a lesson. Even after thousands of dollars in tickets, multiple citations and suspensions, many drivers continue exibiting the same behaviors. I've learned that continuing my drive at the pace that suits me best and sometimes switching lanes is the best revenge of all. Sometimes we even get to pass that driver that cut us off somewhere up the road and when that happens, even if they never see us do it, we can smile when when see them in the rearview mirror.......

Exception: If the bridge is being burnt because the offenses are so egregious that they could be punishable by law, cause severe psychological or bodily harm or shut a business down, then by all means set that bridge afire!

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Comment by Tim Spagnola on March 28, 2012 at 2:30pm

Great minds do think alike Jody ; ). Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Christopher Perez on March 29, 2012 at 11:10am

Jody, great post with a relevant hook that snagged this fellow DC-area resident & driver. I have also re-evaluated my driving philosophy after spending too much time attempting to deliver post-graduate level public service re-education to poor drivers. I still like "spirited" driving but I'm working on mellowing out. Thanks for the thoughts.  Chris


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