Recruitment is an information business. Your ability to recruit is based solely on who and what you know, this is the commodity you sell. But in todays information age, where information is so plentiful, it is not enough simply to be in possession of information. To make money in recruitment you require the ability to extract value from the vast quantity of information that is available to you.

Super Star recruiters do not have to work harder than average. They do not have to make twice as many calls to make twice as many placements. So what is it that makes them super stars? I believe that it is the way in which they can understand the information they have, spot the opportunities, for new candidates or vacancies and get their candidates and contacts to give them the information they need to do a better job. In other words their skill lies in the ability to extract more value from what they know and what they do.

So if recruitment is about information and your success is dependent on your ability to manage this information it seems to me that what you can do with your ATS or information managements system is absolutely fundamental and critical to the success of your business. Your ATS if the back bone of your business and your skill in using it is the primary commodity your sell to your customers.

Unfortunately it is my observation that the majority of recruiters, and unbelievably most software providers, have missed this point completely. Most people think of their information management system as some electronic filing cabinet where they can store information for later use. Like a conventional filing cabinet you store information in a file and when you want it again, you open that file and there it is.. The filing cabinet does not add any value, it is simply there to record information passively with no understanding of what more can be achieved.

What a waste! There is so much more that can be done. So may clever questions that could be automatically answer and so much more value that a good information management system can add.

I have spend my career with Intelligence Software asking simple questions, the types of questions super star recruiters ask, then developing simple software to answer them automatically. In this way everyone can be a super star recruiter.

Shane McCusker - Intelligence Software -

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