handling change in the work place transition

Change Is Inevitable

Surviving and addressing change in the workplace is an incredible competitive advantage to possess. Change is a constant in the business world, harboring the ability to withstand and, manage change is a powerful differentiating factor.

Gossip is Dangerous

Often the first reaction to office-wide change is to gossip. People naturally need a way to vent their frustrations to maintain a healthy work environment, but be mindful of the audience. Complaining to someone deeply involved in the transition could have repercussions larger than passive-aggressive social conflict. It’s much more acceptable to complain at home with friends, rather than further disrupting the volatile state of an office mid-change. Remember that there are people who in the office who have put hours of hard work into this change. Gossip has the potential to ruin a massive shift within a company, and even lead to a significant shift in corporate culture. However when faced with an issue caused by a transition discuss it with those in charge of the change.

Vocalize Complaints Constructively

When facing a conflict brought about by a mass change in the office, voice your opinion. Speaking on what challenges affect you will not only allow you to vent but also promote a positive change within the office. Being conscious of the time and money going into this transition and confront the problem with that in mind. In providing criticism try to offer a solution to the problem, and address the issue in a professional, sensible manner.

Change from a Managerial Perspective

As management, it’s your responsibility to ensure a smooth transition within the company. Address the “why,” people fear uncertainty, explaining why a change is being made, can ease office-wide tensions. Marketing the transition internally through collateral, meetings, and infographics can explain the details of the change and the benefits the final product offers succinctly. The more the staff understands the changes happening, the less tension present in the workforce, increasing the probability of this transition going through smoothly.

In the video below, Krissy Fox, marketing recruiting leader, will discuss how to handle change effectively in the workplace: