Have you ever thought of hiring a Marketing Director for Human Resources?

Sounds sort of weird right?  A Marketing Director to work inside Human Resources.  The reality is that marketing may be one of the key things missing from the world of social recruiting and justifying budgets each year to the executive team.  Having a dedicated Marketing person that can analyze and execute campaigns is something that could prove vital to keeping HR recruiting budgets in tact as well as bringing in more quality talent. 


Tracking all of your ads and spend through to conversions. 


One thing that a dedicated marketing professional could do for HR is set you up with tracking links.  It could be anything from the Google URL builder to an Analytics system or even other free services like Bit.ly.  Once you have tracking in place, you can follow through how many candidates click on your job postings.  Which sites send the most quality candidates and how many come to your site, submit a resume or complete a full profile.  You'll also be able to measure which part of the submission process they leave your site at and fix the issue.  


Now that you have this information you are able to determine which job sites or classified sites are providing you with the most value and best quality candidates for your money.  You'll also be able to start finding out which ones may be upping your spend with click fraud. You can justify the spend on certain sites and even find ones where you may be wasting money. 


Setting up analytics.


If you have a dedicated marketing professional they can begin testing the wording and layout of the HR section of your websites for userability and friendliness.  The marketing person will show you how to get more people to go through the sign up process to submit their resumes as well as get more people to the section in general.  Analytics can help to show you where your candidates are coming from, the highest traffic volumes and even by which hours they are searching through your site and which part of the country or world they are from.  By knowing what people are looking for on your site you can see which jobs have the most interest and you'll also be able to tell if the hard to fill jobs are getting any visibility.  Once you determine this, your marketing person can go in and work the interface and sales funnel to help make those hard to find people find your positions easier and make submitting resumes for these jobs even easier for the candidates. 


Getting more quality people to your hard to fill positions. 


Whether you're looking for a C sharp programmer or a talented and legit SEO, a dedicated marketing person can go out and do your media buys, ad buys and SEO for you to help bring these people to your site directly.  This isn't in place of but can help to maximize your return on spend with job sites and social media sites.  The nice thing about a quality in house marketer is that he or she will be able to hit the ground running with exactly how to improve your site and get these hard to find people to not only find you on their own, but also to bring them to you from the traditional recruiting sources. 


Something that many HR departments could be missing is a talented Marketing Director who can execute, analyze and implement strategies.  Having this person in the department will not only help to make the Recruiter's life easier, but it could help set the tracking in place to justify and keep the HR budgets in tact each year.  They could help with everything from the social media sites and Social Recruiting to designing and placing ads in newspapers as well as trade magazines and setting tracking in place.  Talented marketing people will help to justify a larger budget so you can prove certain channels have more room to bring in more quality people.  There are a ton of benefits you could find from having a dedicated Marketing Director in HR, but it doesn't seem like many companies have reached a point where they are ready to hire that one extra person who could make a huge difference. 

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Comment by Sandra McCartt on April 13, 2011 at 1:44pm

Have you considered buying an ad on RBC for Jobfox?

Comment by Adam Riemer on April 13, 2011 at 1:47pm
What is RBC?
Comment by Adam Riemer on April 13, 2011 at 2:50pm

Hi Luke,

Thank you for reading and no problem about being cynical.  This is a ning.com community I believe which means that in the code of the site (which I also checked) has the following tag before the link rel=nofollow which means it is a no follow link.  The no follow also means that the company I work for will get zero SEO benefit from the post.  I also linked to where the video is which is a great video about how we help with this topic. 


The article is one that I thought this community may find interesting.  I also posted another blog post this morning which I think is good about the topic.  Both posts are 100% unique and I wrote them specifically for you all thinking they would add value.  I'm more than happy to pull the links out of the admin would like me to.  The reality is that any backlink off of a ning based site and any link with a rel=nofollow will not give an SEO benefit at all. 

I hope that is enough of the disclosure and why I used a link.  Thank you for leaving a comment as well. 



Comment by Adam Riemer on April 13, 2011 at 4:14pm

Hi Luke,


No problem.  When a community is skeptical and really challenges people with questions or intentions it shows that it has a lot of value and likes to protect itself.  If you look at my new post from this morning, there are zero links out to anything and a different but similar topic.  I have no intentions of spamming this group but I want to participate in it. 


Measuring the Roi can be done a few ways. 


First you have to set some sort of weight on candidates and positions.  1 would be low quality easy to fill and 5 is high quality hard to find.  After that you track how much better your quality of candidates have been by the weight applied.  You can also then tell which types of sites are driving which types of candidates and which turn into hires by also updating a database if you set one up. 


1.  Start tracking with a unique url or parameter in the actual url to click through from each job board.  Then track the resume that was uploaded and the quality.  You can also track the cost per click, per upload, per whatever and see what the cost to hire is.  Once you have the cost per hire you then use that against the weight you put on that type of position. 


2.  Set up your own section and optimize for the keywords that are relevant to your job needs.  If you are in regular need of a specific type of candidate, set up a section of your site designed to attract them, set the section up to optimize properly and even bid on their terms within Adwords or other cpc networks to drive them into your site.  You could also have a section that is directly relevant to the stereotypical interests of a person who would fill that position. 


By doing this you could then show that the person helped to optimize your channels and reduce the spend by not wasting money on specific channels, bringing in higher quality candidates and by bringing in more people naturally through seo and other channels that you may not have been able to focus on before.


Does that help?



Comment by Jerry Albright on April 14, 2011 at 11:05am
So - Adam - are you going to moderate all posts?
Comment by Adam Riemer on April 14, 2011 at 11:08am
I am going to moderate all posts.  Your last one was a bit uncalled for and ill intentioned which is why I did not approve it.


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