How your company's online brand can effect potential candidates.

As a Recruiter you know that you can find out a lot about a candidate socially before they come in for an interview by using sites like Facebook and Twitter.  On the other hand you have candidates who may be researching who they are interviewing with and deciding if they would want to work with your company based on the company's online brand as well.  The way your company and brand are presented to Type A talent could help them to make a decision on if they would want to work for you, even before they come in for their first interview.  Here are a few things to look at to make sure that when candidates are interviewing, your company has a great online brand out there that people would want to work for. 


Track what your employees are saying about you - If you set up Google alerts and monitor mentions of your company name with regards to what employees are saying, you can address those issues so that potential candidates don't get scared off.  You can also set up places for employees to engage and interact and you can encourage positive comments to be made about working for your company on sites like Facebook and Twitter.  It is important to have a social media handbook in place as well so that employees will know what they can and cannot say publicly about your company.  This will help to keep any negative comments from current employees down to a minimum. 


Address the review sites about company life - It is important to look through sites that review or encourage negative feedback from employees about their employers and have a presence there to address these issues.  I highly recommend creating an action plan to address employee complaints and show that your company cares and will help to keep employees happy.  If you find an employee complaining anonymously you can invite them to come speak with you and help to address their problems.  Afterwards you should go back to the complaint and let everyone know that the issue the employee brought up has been resolved.  You should also encourage the employee to go back and make a positive comment as well.  By showing you are proactive in making employee's lives better, you are putting a best foot forward for potential employees who are researching your company and helping to let them know what the work life is there. 


Look at how your hiring managers are interacting with their peers publicly - This can be huge.  If you have hiring managers that actively engage on social media sites, look at what they are saying and doing, especially if the candidates have access to their names.  Not only do you want them to appear to be professional and to look like great people that anyone would want to work with, but you don't want them to possibly scare off any candidates who could be coming in for an interview.  Asking certain employees to make their public profiles private might be a good option at certain times. 


It is not only important for potential candidates to maintain and keep a positive online brand, but employers are now having to do that as well, if they want to attract the Type A talent.  It can be a hard thing to do, but it is something that is extremely important if you want to attract the Type A talent to your work place. 

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